A night and a half

“Does it hurt?” Asked Joy. “No, I will be Ok, replied Paul.

It was slightly past midnight when Paul left his bedroom and went to the guest room. For the first time, he was a guest in his own house. He had expected this night to be the most enjoyable as he expected his all-time crush, but as fate would have it, it was the most hurting; both physical and emotional. Before this fateful day, Paul had beseeched Joy to visit him without success. This was the seventh time he had asked Joy to visit him. Joy was this beautiful no-nonsense girl that every chap in the campus dreamt of having her by his side.

Paul was one of these lads. Secretly, Joy admired Paul too but showing it would lower her dignity, at least that’s what she told her friends. After making several unsuccessful frantic moves, Paul decided to seek the assistance of his close friend Dave to act as a go-between in the whole matter. Dave was more close to Joy than any other guy at the campus, though there were no strings attached. Dave somehow convinced Joy to meet Paul.

“Hi Paul, Joy has finally agreed to come to your place. Make sure you play your cards well man,” read a short message from Dave to Paul. “Thank you, buddy, I knew you would convince her. Pray for me buddy as I face her,” replied Paul

That is how Joy ended in Paul’s house and agreed to spend a night there. Paul decided to count his chicks before even hatching.

“Since she has agreed to spend a night at my place she definitely will agree to share not just a bed but even a bedsheet. I must rise to the occasion when that moment comes,” Paul said to himself. As part of the preparation, he popped into the famous Maridhia café and ordered for a scrumptious octopus soup to strengthen his ‘power’. As if that was not enough, he passed by the famous Kilifi bus terminus and bought five packets of njugu Karanga. “Hhm, after tonight, she must sing my praise.

As he walked home, he started chewing the groundnuts while whistling Christmas carols though it was mid-May. Just before getting to his house, he saw a woman selling raw cassava and coconuts. “This will make things even better for me,” he thought to himself while purchasing the cassava and coconuts. This he ate raw immediately he got to his house. He later boiled black tea spiced with the magical nutmeg. “Kwisha, let her come now!” boasted Paul.

The doorbell rang and he knew for sure it must be Joy. He hurriedly cleared the table and went to open the gate.

“Sorry sir, I am here to read your water meter,” said the guy outside the gate. Paul cursed as he let him in. He took his phone and called Dave. “Hi Dave, what time is Joy coming?” he asked. “She promised to be there by 2 PM and you know she is good at keeping time,” replied Dave. He looked at his watch, it was a quarter to 2 PM. He dived to the bathtub for a hot bath.

At exactly 2.05 PM his phone rang, it was Joy! Waah, joy visited him as he went to welcome Joy to his house. “Come in dear, I have been waiting for you for ages. Make yourself comfortable,” he said as he ushered her in. “Thank you, Paul, you have a nice place. I love the ambience of your house,” she said while sinking on the sofa. Being the African woman that Joy is, she decided to get into the kitchen to prepare a meal.

“You should let me do it, you are my guest,” Paul told Joy. “No, no, no, let me do it I am the woman,” replied Joy. It was a light meal. It was ready in a few minutes. After the meal, Paul started to express his feelings towards Joy. He chose his words carefully. After hours of push and pull, they came to a common stand-Love reigned. The house turned to Eden! Paul had struck gold. His hands carefully slipped from her hair and down they moved in a soft caress. Down they moved while Joy groaned with joy. Paul was all over her, she stopped his hand mid-way to the lower abdomen.

“Wait, Paul. We will not finish the journey today. We need to know each other’s HIV status. Let’s not rush things and regret later,” advised Joy. With all the ‘boosters’ he had taken earlier on taking a toll on his manhood, Paul tried to convince Joy to let him in but she stood her ground. He rushed to the refrigerator to get a packet of milk to try to neutralize his desire but there was no milk.

He wanted to run to the nearby shop but it was past 11 PM, shops close by 9 PM in this area. “See how the flag is flying full mast and I cannot lower it unless you play the bulge. Have mercy on me,” cried Paul. He went for a cold shower but the flag could not be lowered. He had pains and muzzled about going to a brothel. He went to the guest room to try and forget what happened. After a half an hour Joy followed him and apologized for causing him so much pain. This was the longest night for Paul.

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