A touch of love

As the rains calmed, he drove her to her place, they jazzed a little. Kate didn’t know why she had met him but she was glad they met. They met occasionally, he took her out for movies, comedy and cultural shows. He was fun to be with, Kate didn’t know what exactly to expect, why he is taking long to express his feelings for her.

“You already love him, Kate,” Dorah told her the truth.

“I just enjoy his presence around me” she tried to confuse Dorah.

“And what if, he loves you?” Dorah asked her.

“He doesn’t, he’s just lonely and lacks friends, that’s why he always takes me out” she figured it out.

“I don’t think so,” Dorah told her friend.

“Then why isn’t he confessing it to me, I’m tired of mixed signs, its hopeless, I feel lost” Kate finally opened up. The care and attention he gave her weren’t just for friendship, she was sure of that, but he wasn’t saying anything. She hated it badly. But she was glad, she felt cared for, it was a unique feeling. It was almost five months but it was as if she knew him for years. Her relationship with Ella had deepened, as most of Kate’s friends became her customers. As usual, Kilian called so that they hook up in town, but he wasn’t picking her up, which was strange, he said he was already at the café waiting for her. Kate lazily made it there, but to her surprise, people gave her looks she failed to understand, some smiled other’s murmured to each other, just then Kilian walked towards her, pulled for her a seat and asked her to be comfortable.

“What’s up?” I hate the look these guys are giving me, oooo… Check the waitresses too… Something is fishy” she had to open up to him.

“Relax, have you forgotten that you are such a beauty, no one can keep their eyes off you” he commented as he kept his eyes on her. The table décor drew her attention, two plates at the end, a bottle of red wine in the middle of two glasses and a few colour petals scattered on the white table cloth.

“Aaaah…this customer care of these days…is something else,” she told Kilian who just forged a smile trying hard not to laugh at her innocence. Just then a waitress came holding a plate with extreme care, she came straight to Kate, put it down and asked her not to touch it yet.

“Guess, what’s the special meal today?” Kilian teased her.

“Chips”…….” No…..”

“Rice”…..” No…”

“Cake”…” No…”

“Pizza”… No….”

“That’s matooke, right?…..” No….”

She gave up and glanced at the waitress, her eyes begged she tells what it was.

“Since you have failed to guess miss… Allow me to cover your eyes, it’s a surprise” the waitress told her as she blindfolded her with a cloth.

“No peeping” Kilian reminded her.

“What’s happening?” Kate was confused. She heard chairs crack and plates make noise.

“Can I remove it?” She inquired out of curiosity.

“No…not yet” Kilian replied quickly. She tried to be patient but the “woooow….. and omG….and hmmm…” Sounds from the people in the café, made her curiosity rise more and more.

“Come on… Can I..?” She pleaded again.

“Count up to three and open your eyes,” the waitresses said. She couldn’t wait…she quickly untied the cloth and opened her eyes.

Her eyes widened in shock and immediately started glistening with tears, she almost felt her heart pop out. Kate felt her blood ice up and boil up at the same time, her body shook from head to toe, she blinked a thousand times to clear her sight.

“Nooo..” She heard herself shout out loud in surprise.

“Kilian was kneeling in front of her with a bunch of flowers, in his right hand was a huge red and white teddy bear, the waitress held a paper post with the words, ” I LOVE YOU KATE ” she couldn’t believe it. This was too much, she always wanted him to confess but she least expected it this way. She stared at him straight in the eyes. Her little voice felt suppressed, it wanted to scream out.

“OMG… Finally, you have confessed, I knew it… I knew it… I love you already, get up and kiss me already” she wished her mouth hard the courage to say it.

“Kilian….” She called him for the fifth time.

“Kate, I mean it, and I’m serious about you…I love you…please say yes” he told her bringing the flowers close to her hands.

“Say yes… Say yes…” The waitresses and the café customers began singing out loud, others were busy recording on their phones.

“Kate, please…don’t you feel the same way?” Kilian begged with a crouched voice, he feared most to be rejected. Kate picked the flowers and the bear, put them on the table and lifted him.

“Is it a yes” Kilian asked as he tried to resist getting up.

“Yes!!….yes!!!… Yes!!!” That’s all Kate could say. He immediately stood up, pulled her closer, gave her a quick peck on her forehead and engulfed her in his broad chest. They always hugged, but this time around, Kate felt like it was their hearts hugging, she could feel his heartbeat against hers. Kilian held her tighter and closer as the rest cheered up. Kilian kept on repeatedly saying “thank you… I love you, Kate”. Kate let herself melt in his arms, the feeling was inevitable and irresistible. She loved it.

After the hug, everything had changed in a second, the way they looked at one another, the way they breathed and the way they thought too. Kate sat but couldn’t believe it was real, it was weird, she had always been keen and patient with her “let me think about it” time, but this was too fast. She looked at Kilian and couldn’t believe he was now hers. What an achievement! The surprise meal was goat meat. It was long since she last tasted it. For real Kilian seemed heaven-sent.

“So. When did it start?” She asked him.

“During our first business meeting,” he confessed as he put an extra piece of meat on her plate.

“Sure? Why did you take long to tell me?” She asked a question that had been on her mind for long.

“Cause, I wanted to be sure of what I felt for you. I thought it might disappear with time but it became way too strong…. and…I… Feared that you might say NO” Kilian told her as he slid his fingers into hers. Kate let all words sink in her heart. The little voice in her was screaming. “THIS IS LOVE” she gave him a deep smile in return.

“And you… Say something” Kilian begged.

“All I can say is that you’re lovable, it’s easy for someone to fall for you,” she said it from her heart, his care, looks and attitude would make any sensible woman fall for him. They ate and kept on talking there and then. In the end, he helped her carry her gifts to the car, but as he drove off, he noticed too much silence from her.

“You regret it? Or I give you some time to think about it?” He inquired as he held her hand.

“It’s not that… Am just scared”

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