A visit to Mbololo

“I’m scared, that you might change from the Kilian I love to some heartless stranger”

..I’m just scared” she was honest with him. Kilian was serious with her that he parked aside and turned to face her. This time around, he held both her hand and asked her to look straight in his eyes. Kate was too shy to do it but she tried.

“I love you, Kate, I have hurt and been hurt before… I’m tired of such time-wasting relationship, what I feel about you is real, I haven’t felt this for a woman before and I’m not playing games with you. Trust me please” he ended his soliloquy cause Kate had bent her head, truth is that she feared, what if he was like his ex, she feared to be hurt again.

“I won’t break your heart again… Let me mend it and love you the way you deserve” Kilian added.

“Please…” He sounded like a poor starving young street kid begging for what to eat.

“I love you… Give me a week to be sure about it” Kate replied honestly.

“I’m okay with it, hope you won’t change your mind,” Kilian said weakly.

“No… Unless you change or…” Kate told him. Kilian buried his face in her palms and gave each a kiss.

“This…that I feel for you, won’t change, it’s growing deeper and deeper” he confessed. Kate felt a cold chill ran through her body like a sharp knife, Kilian’s words were exactly what her heart wanted to listen to. As Kilian rose, his head from her palms, his face met Kate’s, their eyes met for a second that seemed like forever, Kate couldn’t hold it, her eyes closed slowly, Kilian drew his lips closer to hers. Kate felt like someone had just tickled her. As if by magic, their lips interlocked, they both completely got lost in the kiss, it was one of the sweetest things Kate’s lips had tasted. The two kissed for the first time. How could Kate resist such a feeling, such moments, such a gentleman?

“Guess what?” Were Kate’s first words as she entered her room.

“What I’m I seeing? Eeeeh… Kate, did he confess?” Dorah asked as she moved closer to hug her friend.

“Did you say yes?” She added on in excitement.

“Yeah… It was sooo… Romantic and lovely…trust me I’m hooked, this Kilian had me” Kate replied as she hugged her best friend. They were both happy. Dorah sat her down and begged her to tell her everything. As Kate went on, Dorah was just giving her the best reactions ever, making her feel like Kilian treated her like a queen.

“Are you sure?”…….” Ooooonch….” “Soooo romantic….” “Are you joking?” To Dorah it was like she was watching her favourite TV show.

Everyone has dreams, but at some point, Kate felt like she had it all.

A mother who loves her unconditionally.

A best friend she trusted blindly.

Brains just enough to excel in her course.

A job she loved and was well paying.

And most importantly, a man who loved her truly. Life was okay, she loved every bit of it. Their relationship was getting better and better, Kilian every day proved it to her that he was serious, she could not count the gifts he had given her, he was what she wanted. If a woman is loved in the best way, she becomes a woman better than she always dreamt of. Ella was excited, she had liked Kate from day one.

“Oooooh… My sister in law” she always felt proud to have her. Every day that passed, Kate thanked God for Kilian, he brought a lot of joy in her life.

Towards, her graduation, they celebrated their first anniversary, Kate chose they go to Mbololo, to tour the mountains and the escarpments, but most importantly for Kilian to meet her mum.

“My daughter you’re so lucky, he’s young, rich, handsome and loves you. Don’t dare risk to lose him, be extremely careful, any woman would do whatever it takes to steal him from you” Kate’s mum advised her and they both prayed for the relationship to last longer than longest.

“My son, thank you for coming and being serious about my only daughter. You are welcome, please just know, she’s my only, don’t break her little heart. I bless you two, that you see each other’s grey hair, still together” were the words Kate’s mum told Kilian.

“Don’t worry mum, I love your daughter, I’m waiting for her to finish studies so that we make the relationship official?” he said everything straight looking at Kate. She smiled at him.

“Yes, yes, I want grandchildren too…as many as you two can” Kate’s mum added with emphasis.

“Kate, have you heard what mum wants, as many as possible” Kilian stubbornly echoed back her words. The three ended up in a crazy argument, Kate wanted only two, yet Kilian insisted, they make their football team. It was a happy moment. Kilian promised to take Kate to his parents as well.

Mbololo’s coldness made their celebration one to remember, they were always cosy all the time. They visited all tourists’ centres there, they made sweet and unforgettable memories there, including their first “love”.

Back to the city, it was like the hills of Mbololo had made their love to double up. They had fully understood each other, but still going strong. Kilian was organising a date to take Kate to meet his parents. Life was at its fullest. Richard had proposed to Dorah already.

On that fateful day, after Kate had tried out all her outfits but felt they were not good enough for a family dinner with Kilian’s parents. Dorah advised her to put on some long dress which to Kate looked so simple.

“But you have no option, you have to cover your body, remember your father in law is there, ok, try this” Dorah told her as she handed her a kitenge dress.

“Oooh… no… This is stressful!” Kate commented as she tried on the dress.

“Looks perfect on you, trust me!” Dorah told her as she zipped up.

“Take a picture of me, I send it to Kilian and inquire if it’s okay, I don’t want to let him down” Kate wisely told Dorah.

As she picked up her phone, Kate realized she had two five unread messages from Kilian. At first she thought maybe she was late not until she read the text out loud.

“Family dinner cancelled, wanna know why? Come to my place NOW!”

Kate panicked and called him back but all in vain, he wasn’t answering, she tried a zillion times but it was a waste.

“Ooooh… No… Dorah, I’m so scared. Why did they cancel it, and why isn’t he picking my calls, did he give up on me? God forbid, what’s happening?” Kate had almost gone mad. She quickly made her way to his place. She used a bodaboda as she constantly tried to call Kilian who wasn’t picking. Tears rolled down her cheeks,

“Oooh…dear Lord, don’t do this to me” she paid the Boda cyclist. She took a deep breath and pushed the door open. There wasn’t any sign of Kilian, she went ahead to his bedroom as she called out his name.

“Kilian…Kilian ..Kilia…n….. Kil…ia….n…!” Her voice faded away slowly.

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