Dynamic love episode eight

Ellen almost laugh. She was just watching silently.

“You crazy girl! You are the monkey! Your parents must be regretting your birth” Anne said angrily.

“Really? I am proud of how ugly I am. Because if I had a face like yours, I would surely sue my parents” Marbella said and snapped her fingers.

“How dare you say that to me! Annie yelled. Marbella placed her hand over her nose.

“Please, find a way to hold your breath while talking to me. I keep wondering if what I perceive is your fart or your breath. Your breath smells like shit. Do you often sniff your WC? Marbella asked and Ellen tried to hold her laughter. Annie became speechless. She was breathing hard.

“Come on baby girl! Are you short of words? Please don’t cry here now. Cry later. If mittens shed tears, I would rather be moved by it than be moved by your tears. So, let’s call it a day baby girl” Marbella said and smirked. Annie slapped Marbella hard on the cheek. Marbella and Ellen froze in shock.

“How dare you, Anne! Ellen asked in anger. Anne ignored her, wanting to leave but Marbella pulled and slapped Anne hard too. Anne tried to retaliate but Marbella didn’t give her a chance. She gave Anne another slap and pushed her. Anne grabbed Marbella by the hair and Marbella pulled hers too. Ellen tried separating them but the two girls were insistent. Before the security men came, Marbella was on top of Anne on the ground, slapping her. The security men separated and scolded them for creating a scene. They were warned against doing that again.

Marbella and Ellen were in Marbella’s car.

“Did you get hurt? Ellen asked Marbella. Marbella shook her head.

“No. It was just the slap. Nothing more. I guess I thought her a lesson. She will now know how to treat people properly” Marbella said and Ellen was smiling.

“Why the smile? Marbella asked.

“Well, I just remembered the exchange of insults. It was hilarious. Annie couldn’t even say much. You made her meet someone crazier than she is” Ellen joked. Marbella chuckled.

“Well, that reminds me of my ex-boyfriend,” Marbella said.

“Ex-boyfriend. The one whom you broke up with a long time? Ellen asked.

“No. The one whom I told you of. my third boyfriend to be precise” Marbella said. Ellen’s eyes widened in shock.

“You’ve already broken up with him? Ellen asked in surprise.

“Of course I have. He’s so useless. He got me annoyed and I gave him thunderous slaps” Marbella said and Ellen was quiet.

One evening, Ellen was in her room going through her pictures in her phone. She saw pictures of her and Marbella. This made her smile.

“Marbella has been a very good friend to me. With her, I do not even feel that Annie and Gloria’s absence. I remember how she defended me that day. I was happy seeing someone so bold defend me” Ellen said happily. She came across the pictures that she and Francis took. This made her frown childishly.

“Francis stopped being concerned about me since the day I saw him with Annie. I am also not bothered. He can be with Annie” Ellen said angrily. She was in thought for a while.

“But why do I feel like I am telling myself a lie? I am bothered about Francis. Why is he not bothered about me too? I know what to do. When he finally decides to ask after me, I will just ignore him” Ellen said.

Ellen was walking on a less busy road, waiting for a cab. A car was coming with speed. Before she could realize it and avoid, it knocked her down. The car didn’t stop. It moved past her. Ellen was bleeding on her forehead as she landed it on a stone.

Ellen’s mum was in her stall when she received a phone call. the phone call was from hospital and this made her panic. She quickly closed her stall and left.

Ellen’s mum arrived at the hospital. She met with the doctor.

“Doctor, what happened to my daughter Ellen? Marie asked.

“Well, she must have got into a road accident as some good safari tans who had seen her, brought her here. but the problem is that she’s lost a lot of blood. She would need blood to get better” The Doctor said.

“Doctor, I am her mother. I can donate blood for her” Marie said.

“That’s only when your blood match with hers,” The Doctor said.

Marie was given Ellen’s phone. The screen was cracked due to the accident, though it still functioned helping the doctor contact Marie. Marie dialled her son’s number.

“Hello, Kenneth? Ellen’s in the hospital and she’s lost a lot of blood” Marie said and waited for a while.

“Yes. My blood did not rhyme with hers. I need you to be at San Marina Hospital” Marie pleaded, tensed. The call ended. Ellen’s phone began to ring. Marine looked at the phone and it was Francis with friend written in bracket.

“Francis, Ellen’s friend? The market asked herself. She picked the call.

Francis was in his office.

“Hello? He said.

“Yes! Hello? Marie said inquisitively.

Francis was confused.

“Please am I onto Ellen? Francis asked.

“Ellen’s mother” Marie corrected.

“Oh! Sorry MA. greetings. I just called to hear from Ellen and know how she is doing now? Francis inquired. Marie was almost in tears.

“Ellen got into an accident. She’s in hospital and she needs blood” Marie said, becoming more worried.

Francis became very tensed.

“What! which hospital? Francis asked hurriedly.

“San Marina Hospital” Marie answered in tears.

“Okay. I will come soon” Francis said and immediately hung up the call. Marine tensely tried calling her son’s number again but it wasn’t reachable.

“What happened to David now? Why is he not picking my calls now? Marie asked, confused.

In two minutes, Francis came running into the hospital. He dialled Ellen’s number, searching around for Marie.

Marie picked the call.

“Hello MA. I am inside the hospital now. Where can I find you? Francis said. He spotted Maries looking at him and then came close to her.

“MA, you said that Ellen needs blood. Where’s the doctor? I will donate blood” Francis offered.

“Really? But what if your blood does not match with hers? Marie asked.

“You don’t need to worry. My blood can match with every other blood type” Francis assured. The Doctor came close.

“Your daughter needs blood before it is too late. have you not found anyone yet? The Doctor asked.

“Don’t worry I am here. I will donate blood for Ellen” Francis said. He and the doctor left. Marie just looked on.

“Where is David until now? Is he not scared about Ellen’s situation? Is his carelessness still existing in him? Marie asked in her mind. She tried David’s number but it still wasn’t reachable.

A few minutes later, Francis had already donated blood for Ellen. He went to where Marie was sitting.

“I am very sorry for what happened to Ellen. Please do not worry too much. Let’s just hope that Ellen would be fine” Francis said, consoling Marie. Marie turned to him and smiled.

“Why would I ever worry about Ellen when she has a genuine friend like you? I am so grateful to you for saving my daughter’s life today. She has never been into such an accident, but today that she had this accident, it has shown that she has a true friend. God bless you son” Marie said and held Francis’ hand. Francis just smiled shyly.

David finally came into the hospital. He was dressed in Polo and jeans, and he had an earring on one ear. He met Marie.

“Mum, Where is Ellen? he asked but Marie slapped him. Francis was shocked to see that.

“Do not talk about Ellen. You have no right to mention her name. I called you, but you were so nonchalant. If no one had come to donate blood for Ellen, do you know what would have happened to her? Ellen has always been and will always be the best child one would ever have. She has never hurt me deliberately. Now that someone better than you has done your responsibility, just leave. We do not need you again. Go away! Marie ordered. David stood, speechless.

“I said go away! Marie yelled. David hesitantly left. As soon as David left, Marie burst into tears. Francis came close to console her.

The next morning, Ellen was already conscious. She looked around, searching for her mum.

“Mum left here last night. Couldn’t she come back early? I feel so lonely now” She said in her mind. Her mother came in with some things.

“Mum, I was already missing you. Good Morning” Ellen said.

“Good Morning my child. How are you feeling? Marie asked.

“I am an okay mum. I still feel that you overreacted by throwing David out yesterday” Ellen said.

“Please let’s not talk about him. He’s not worth our worry. Just eat. I brought your favourite food” Marie said and brought out a food flask to feed Ellen. Someone knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Marie said. And it was Jamie. Ellen smiled on seeing him.

“Jamie! She called.

“Good Morning MA. how are you, Ellen? Jamie asked.

“I am fine after seeing you. I was very worried when I heard that you had an accident. But I am relieved that you didn’t sustain much injury” Jamie said.

“I am so happy to see you, Jamie. it has been some days now” Ellen said. Jamie nodded, smiling.

“Okay, Ellen. I brought some things for you. Please accept it. I have somewhere to go now. I will check on you later” Jamie said, smiling. he dropped what he came with. He then left after saying bye to Ellen and her mother.

“Hmm. Ellen seems like the only genuine friends you have these days are males” Marie said teasingly. Ellen blushed.

“I have a female friend too. Her name is Marbella. She may come soon if she calls and finds out” Ellen said. her mother shrugged.

A few minutes later, Ellen was in the hospital alone.

“I haven’t seen Francis since I regained consciousness. I want to see Francis now. I haven’t even thanked him for saving my life. Maybe I should check for my phone” Ellen said to herself. She searched quoted for her phone with her eyes but couldn’t find it. There was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” she said and it was Francis. She smiled.

“Francis! She called. He came close to her bed and sat on the chair closer to it. He held her hand and they had an eye lock.

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