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Dynamic love episode eleven

Ellen further got irritated.

“That’s enough Francis! As I said, it is my life. I do not need your opinion regarding my friendship with Marbella. And I hate men who judge women without knowing much about them. If you still want to be my friend, kindly desist from insulting Marbella” Ellen said. Jamie just looked on.

“Are you fighting with me for that Marbella? Francis asked.

“Yes! And if there’s anybody I don’t need in my life, it is you “Ellen said and Francis felt hurt.

“Really Ellen? So should I leave? Francis asked.

“Yes,” Ellen said angrily. Francis went back to his car while Jamie was surprised at the outcome of Marbella’s appearance.

At night, Ellen was lying on bed, staring at home. She was disturbed by her thoughts.

“Did I really tell Francis to leave? Is that why he hasn’t called me? Oh, what am I saying? Does he even call me every day? What if he still angry? Ellen asked herself.

“No. I am supposed to be angry too. I told him to leave and he just left. Shouldn’t he have insisted on staying? Ellen asked herself.

“But I should understand his anger. I told him to leave. Maybe I should call him and tell him that I still need him as my friend? No! Which sensible girl would do that? She said to herself.

In Francis residence, Francis was sitting in front of his laptop, but he was lost in thought. Jamie saw him like that.

“I think you’re bothered about Ellen, right? Jamie asked and Francis nodded.

“Don’t you think you overreacted? Jamie asked.

“Not just that. I shouldn’t have left when she told me to leave. I should have said sorry. I feel disappointed for what I did today. I should have been the one to take her home. I will call her and apologise” Francis said and Jamie nodded. Francis dialled Ellen’s number but it was switched off.

“It is switched off. I will call tomorrow morning” Francis said.

A few minutes later, Ellen switched on her phone and tried calling Francis, but his number was switched off. She felt sad.

“Why am I so disturbed over Francis? Ellen asked herself.

The next morning, Ellen had finished saying her prayers when her phone began to ring. She looked at the screen and it was Francis. She smiled and picked the call. Francis was on bed in his room.

“Hello, Ellen? He greeted. Ellen blushed. She didn’t reply.

“Ellen I know you are angry with me. I am very sorry. I shouldn’t have acted that way. Can you forgive me please? Francis asked sincerely. Ellen remained quiet as she was still blushing.

“Ellen! He called.

“Francis” she finally said.

“Have you forgiven me? Francis asked.

“Initially I was angry with you, but now I am not,” Ellen said.

“I am sorry for being harsh to you in anger” Ellen apologized.

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“I was never angry with you for that. I was rather feeling guilty” Francis said and Ellen smiled.

“And about your friends, I have no right to detect for you. I also realised that I was so quick to judge Marbella” Francis said.

“I am happy you understand me,” Ellen said.

In the afternoon, Ellen was walking on the street. She came across Annie.

“Good day Annie” she greeted casually.

“Oh! I do not need your fake greeting. It is surely not from your heart. Or did you greet me because your wild friend is not with you today? Annie asked.

“Annie I thought that Mexico made you immature. But I’ve discovered that it has shown the immaturity in you. If life can be bought, I would have given you money to buy one. And yes, I didn’t greet you because I wish we could remain close friends. I greeted you because I don’t find it difficult. I already have better friends. Francis is among, and there’s nothing you can do to stop that” Ellen said and then began to leave. Annie stood in shock and anger.

Two days later, Marbella was in her room, going through pictures on her phone.

“Sometimes, it is quite fun looking at pictures of you and your ex. Sometimes, one gets to laugh out loud when one remembers how foolish one’s ex had been. And most times, one smile remembering the good times. Anyways, it does not affect me one bit. Let bygones be bygones” she concluded.

In Francis residence, Jamie was seen going through a girl’s profile on a social network. He smiled checking out her body through photos. Francis came and saw him doing that. He made a sound with his palm so that Jamie would know he was there. Jamie noticed him and then chuckled.

“What can I say, Jamie? You will never grow up! Francis said and shook his head. He left for his room. He sat on a sofa and suddenly began to remember Ellen. He smiled.

“Every day I have this feeling that I need to be with you. Maybe the day is near when I should tell you how I feel. But I want it to come as a surprise” Francis said in his mind, looking at Ellen’s picture.

Ellen was in her room, looking at Francis’ picture too.

“Why do you make me miss you every day? You speak to me one day and then the following day, you don’t. I so wish you can read my mind and know that I want to at least hear your voice every day” Ellen said in her mind, smiling. She then set Francis’ photo as her screen wallpaper.

In the evening, Ellen was returning home on a desolate road. A strange person was following her from behind. When she reached a darker path, the stranger attacked her, making her inhale his handkerchief. Ellen became unconscious.

The next morning, Francis switched on his phone and then realized some pictures from Ellen. His eyes bulged in shock when he saw them. In the pictures, Ellen was seen lying with a man. Francis was shocked and confused.

“How could this happen? This can’t be Ellen. And how can she send me such photos? Francis asked in his mind, confused about what to believe.

Ellen was walking on the road. She passed by Annie’s house and was surprised to see Annie standing right in front of her.

“Good day Annie. How are you? Ellen asked, crossing her arms. Annie shrugged, smiling.

“I am fine. But then you may not be fine. Come into my compound. I want to talk to you” Annie said. Annie and Ellen were inside and Annie showed Ellen the screen of Annie’s phone.

“Who are these? Annie asked. Ellen’s eyes widened. She was horrified. Annie’s phone was displaying a slideshow of the pictures that Francis received from Ellen that morning. Ellen snatched the phone from Annie, shivering as she watched the pictures closely.

“How did this….

“Happen” Annie completed, smiling.

“Annie, how did these pictures get into your phone? When did this happen? Ellen asked in fear. Annie nodded, still smiling mischievously.

“Well, it happened last night. Have you forgotten? I was there and I took the pictures” Annie said.

“But how did it happen? I never came close to any guy in the manner” Ellen asked curiously.

“Oh, she’s so daft. It is very simple to understand. I need not explain it.  Okay, I am the one who set you up” Annie said and Ellen’s eyes bulged in shock.

“Yes. I have exacted my revenge on you. How did you even get home last night? Annie asked and Ellen began to recall.


Ellen found herself on a dark path. She began to wonder how she managed to get there.

“Who brought me here and what happened to me? Ellen asked herself but she couldn’t remember exactly what happened. She saw her phone and picked it. She looked at the time and it was already past nine o clock. She was shocked.

“Nine o clock? And I am still outside my house. I hope mum would not be worried about me


Ellen was shocked after recalling what happened the previous night.

“I called someone to make you unconscious, and then set up a room for the photoshoot. It went well, and then I shared it on your phone too. Now, rate my smartness” Annie said, smiling. Ellen shook her head in disbelief. She quickly tried deleting the photos.

“I am going to erase them now! Ellen said in anger, but Annie was relaxed.

“Go on Ellen. Please go on. It wouldn’t change anything” Annie shrugged and Ellen paused in shock.

“Would I allow you to get hold of my phone if that’s the only copy I have? Go ahead Ellen, what are you waiting for? Annie said sarcastically.

“Also, it has already got to someone,” Annie said.

“Please Annie, I swallow my pride and plead that these pictures do not get to my mother or anybody who knows me. I will not trouble you anymore” Ellen pleaded.

“As I said, it has already got to someone. Francis has the pictures and I sent them through your phone” Annie said and Ellen was shocked.

“You boasted about your friendship with Francis, right? Now, I think this little step will finally ruin it. But Ellen, I still have some compassion for you because you were once my friend and you encouraged me too. That’s why I didn’t let my accomplice assault you. I would have uploaded it to the net for everyone to see, but I am not that heartless. I have played my part in the game. Lest I forget, my boyfriend in Mexico will ship in a brand new car for me. Don’t worry. I will give you a lift sometimes and that would be after splashing dirty water on your clothes” Annie said, smiling mischievously. She turned to leave.

“Annie! Ellen yelled. Annie faced her.

“I cannot believe that you are the friend I loved and always showed concern for. You want me to cry right? You want me to break down right in front of you, huh? I will not! Now let me put it to you that Francis will always support me no matter what! Ellen said, trying to restrain her tears from dropping. Annie raised her eyebrows.

“Really? What makes you so confident that he will support you? Annie asked.

“My heart tells me so” Ellen answered and Annie frowned.

“Your heart? That sounds ridiculous! Annie said.

“Yes, it should sound laughable to you. I am sure that boyfriend of yours in Mexico; you are only his girlfriend because of what he has to offer. The genuine feeling of love, you do not have it for him. But I know what it means to love someone genuinely” Ellen expressed and Annie smiled in surprise.

“Oh! It is quite clear to me now. Do you love Francis? Wow! Annie exclaimed and Ellen bent her head shyly.

“That’s the reason you’re afraid of losing him, right? Annie asked. Ellen remained silent. Annie was in thought for some seconds.

“Wow! Our plan worked. Now you have fallen so much in love with Francis. Tell me Ellen, aren’t Francis and I so brilliant? It was my plan with Francis to make you fall for him. The concern Francis showed you have just been fake. In fact, he just pitied you. I pity you, Ellen. You are yet to feel more pain. I would suggest you avoid doing things that would attract my wrath” Annie explained and Ellen was shocked. Annie began to leave Ellen who then broke down in tears.

“Poor Ellen. You are so naïve. That is why I was able to frame this up so quickly. I am sure you’ve already believed. Dumbo! Annie said in her mind.

Ellen remembered all the times spent with Francis. This made her cry.

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