Dynamic love episode five

In a mansion, Marbella was seen inside with three female friends. They were laughing and gifting loudly. They all looked wealthy from their appearance.

“Hey girls, when did you lose it? Emma asked. She seemed to be the boldest among the four. The three other girls looked at one another, confused.

“Come on girls, do I need to mention it so raw? Emma asked.

“Well, we do not understand. Try rephrasing” Olivia said.

“Okay, Olivia. I meant to ask when you girls when you were deflowered, the place, the experience and, the after feelings that followed” Emma rephrased. The three other girls began to make weird faces concerning the question.

“Don’t act like that. we are all girls, right? let’s share the feeling. Okay, I will start. I lost mine in the back seat of the car. That was on my 17th birthday barely three years ago. it was hurt a bit but Max made me feel a lot better. and trust me, I never had a reason to regret it” Emma narrated.

“Wow! Amazing! Marbella exclaimed.

“Well, mine was a kinda funny experience. I was so scared and shy that I tried hiding my face throughout. I was blushing after that and I loved it” Mia narrated.

“Wow! But you did not tell us where it happened” Emma reminded.

“Oh! it happened in Liam’s bedroom. And I forgot to say he was very romantic” Mia completed.

“Marbella and Olivia, you girls have not said yours” Emma reminded. Marbella seemed confused.

“Well, sorry. I don’t share such feelings with anybody” Marbella said and Emma and Mia gave her a surprised look.

“Marbella, I’ve never seen you act this childish. Don’t tell me you still belong to those girls who intend on keeping theirs till the world ends” Emma said.

“No. Of course, we are the real ladies. we are not saints” Marbella said, smiling.

“Olivia, what about you? Mia asked.

“Well, I am sorry to say that I haven’t done that before, though I plan on getting that experience soon with Leo” Mia confessed in a lower tone. they all stared at her in surprise. Emma suddenly burst out laughing.

“At twenty, you still don’t know it feels? I can’t believe you’re so backward” Emma taunted. Olivia rolled her eyes.

“Hold on Olivia. I heard that! someone said from behind them. the four girls turned to see who it was.

“Ava” Olivia exclaimed. Ava corrected up to the girls and crossed her arms, seeming ready for any battle.

“Olivia, so this is what you plan to do? Oh! Mum should hear of this. No! mum can be nonchalant. Let’s talk about making dad know. I think it would be more effective” Ava threatened.

“But Ava, we were just joking,” Mia said.

“I wasn’t talking to you was I? Ava attacked Mia who became shocked.

“Hold on Ava. I think you are biting more than you can chew” Emma said angrily. she stood up to face Ava.

“It’s quite unbelievable that you are already 18, yet you act so immaturely. What are you going to get from telling on Olivia? Emma asked.

“Excuse me, I don’t want to argue with girls who have already lost their dignity. I can’t get myself defied as you’ve already don’t. I still keep myself clean” Ava said boldly.

“Oh! I see you now have the guts to speak, right? what do you think you are? Don’t give yourself false hopes because you will end up disappointed. I put it to you that you will surely lose yours soon. Already, you’ve started crushing on guys. Good luck Saint Ava. Girls, let’s get out of here” Emma said, grabbing her purse.

“But my sister” Olivia protested.

“Come on Olivia, handle her later,” Emma said and the four girls left. Ava fumed.

Marbella was driving her friends in her car. they began to play loud music, singing and dancing inside. Marbella noticed that her phone was ringing and it was Ellen.

“Oh no! Ellen is calling bow. I think I should call back later” Marbella said in her mind

She received Ellen’s call again. Marbella paused the song in other to answer Ellen’s call.

“Hey, Ellen why did you stop the song? Emma queried.

“A girlfriend of mine is calling” Marbella answered.

“Is she a celebrity or a goddess? just turn on the music please” Emma said

“Seems like I should call Ellen later,” Marbella said in her mind.

Ellen was in front of the cafe. She was sitting on a pavement, in tears. She remembered something.


Ellen was inside a taxi when she saw her twin sister with many other girls who were smoking.

“Please stop the taxi! She said in a hurry. the taxi man stopped. she tried tracing her sister but she couldn’t see her again.

“Elena where are you? Please show yourself” Ellen said, searching for her sister but couldn’t find her.


“Everything seems to be turning bad. I can no longer trust any of my friends anymore. Even my twin sister does not even wish to see me. maybe I spoke to her too harshly before she left” Ellen said, crying.

Suddenly, a familiar car stopped in front of her. Marbella came out. she rushed to Ellen, who had already wiped her tears.

“Ellen, sorry that I could not pick your calls. I don’t know why I had the feeling that you would be around here. And look, I found you here! Marbella exclaimed happily. She became surprised to see that Ellen was quiet. Ellen burst into tears again.

“Ellen, what happened? Marbella asked, concerned. she quickly brought out a handkerchief and handed it over to Ellen. Ellen took the handkerchief, calmed herself and, then wiped her tears.

“Ellen, what happened? Marbella asked.

Ellen stood up and gave back Marbella’s handkerchief.

“Thanks for this. But right now, I am so angry. I am not in the mood to talk to anyone. Leave me alone” Ellen said. this shocked Marbella.

“What! Ellen? Marbella exclaimed in shock.

“You heard me right. Begone! Ellen yelled. Marbella was shocked. she hesitantly went back to her car.

“But I am sorry for not picking your calls” Marbella apologized before leaving.

Francis was driving his car. Jamie was with him.

“Where are you taking us to? Jamie asked.

“To the cafe of course. It’s a good thing that I am free from work today. I now have the time to watch over you at least. you usually get slapped. If one does not take caution your be arrested someday” Francis taunted.

“You always treat me like I am a kid. I am a full-grown man” Jamie reminded.

“Then act as one” Francis said.

“Hold on, seems like you are going to the same cafe again,” Jamie said.

“Yeah” Francis admitted.

“Oh! I hope we don’t meet that bitch today” Jamie said.

“Oh! you are afraid of getting slapped right? Francis teased.

“Oh stop it, bro,” Jamie said.

Ellen was about leaving the cafe when Francis’ car was getting closer. She was lost in thought. Francis’ car was very close to her before she realized it and she quickly moved aside in fear. Francis stepped on the brakes and then come down along with Jamie. They were surprised to see Ellen who was also surprised to see them.

“Ellen? Francis called. He and Jamie noticed that Ellen’s face was not bright.

“Ellen your face does not look good,” Jamie said.

“Ellen are you fine? Francis asked in a caring tone. Ellen remained silent.

“Ellen? Francis called. Ellen could not control her emotions any longer. she suddenly burst into tears shocking Jamie and Francis. Francis came close to console her, but her head quickly fell on his chest as she leaned on him, crying.

A few minutes later, Francis’ car was seen in a calm environment. Jamie, Ellen, and Francis were in the back seat. Ellen seemed to have calmed down.

“Ellen I am shocked at you. are you twenty-one? Jamie asked teasingly. Ellen and Francis stared at Jamie curiously.

“Why talking like this? what do you mean? Ellen asked.

“I mean you just burst into tears on the road. I thought that your very close relation or family member had died. I didn’t know that it was just for some irrelevant so-called friends. you are too emotional for a twenty-year-old” Jamie explained. Ellen frowned.

“Hey Jamie, just stop it okay. I am a lady and I am bound to be emotional” Ellen defended herself.

“A lady? I’ve seen strong ladies who prefer action. They can go as far as slapping men” Jamie said. Francis nodded and adjusted to speak.

“That reminds me of something Jamie. I thought you used to despise those kinds of girls” Francis asked.

“Well, instead of girls to be as emotional as Ellen, I will rather have the strong and mature ones” Jamie teased. Francis frowned.

“Jamie that’s enough! Stop trading Ellen like that. every girl must not be like the girls of your taste. Ellen is unique in her way” Francis said. Ellen nodded, happy about Francis’s defence.

“Calm down brother. Don’t eat me alive. The way you always side Ellen is like she’s your sister” Jamie said.

“I have to. That’s because you don’t know when to stop joking or teasing. Ellen was just crying a few minutes ago. Are you going to tease her till she cries again? Right now we d focus more on trying to cheer her up. So Jamie, where should we go? Francis asked and Jamie began to think.

On a beach, people were seen, competing with one another running. the audience cheered. Ellen, Francis, and Jamie were among the crowd cheering the runners on. A few minutes later, the race types switched to three-legged. Ellen was smiling watching the race. the race was done by male and female partners especially couples.

“I used to perform in this race when I was in high school. I did well back then. But I don’t know about now” Ellen said. Francis looked at her.

“Really? why not try today? Francis asked.

“Well, I am very shy. Also, I don’t even have a partner” Ellen said.

“But I am here, Jamie is also here. You should try it today” Francis persuaded.

“Bro please, I cannot join the race. I am not good at this” Jamie said. Ellen thought for a while.

Ellen and Francis were participating in the race. Ellen looked a bit nervous.

“Are you nervous? Francis asked. Ellen nodded.

“Don’t be nervous. We can do this. Be positive” Francis said. Ellen nodded, smiling. The race started and people began to cheer as usual. Ellen and Francis were the last but one partner. Ellen looked a bit nervous, scared of losing. Francis held her closely. Jamie was cheering them on. Gradually, they were moving further and passing other partners. They were now in second place, targeting the first place. At the dying minute, Ellen and Francis reached the rope before everyone else and they fell. People began to clap for them.

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