Dynamic Love episode four

Ellen was with her mum at their stall in the market. She was arranging the things they sell. Her mum left for a while. She suddenly heard familiar voices chatting.

“These voices seem familiar. Even in a noisy market, I can still spot these voices” She said in her mind, listening well. The voices drew nearer and so did the owners. Four girls were seen. Among the four, one of them was dressed beautifully and exceptionally. She seemed to be the reason for the other girls’ happiness. Ellen’s mother left the stall.

“Annie, you look very beautiful now that you are back. Mexico did you well. Just look at you. I am proud of you my medical doctor. By the way, where is Ellen? Gloria said. The two other girls didn’t seem happy on hearing about Ellen

Ellen was looking at them from her stall. She was surprised.

“Wow! Annie is back” Ellen said in her mind, smiling.

“Annie!!! Ellen called. The four girls turned to see Ellen at a distance from them. Ellen waved excitedly at them. They were about to move further before one of them interrupted.

“Annie, come to see important people first. Our mum is also here. She would be eager to see you” Lilly said and Linda nodded.

“Yes! Let’s go see her” Linda said and pulled Annie who followed her. Gloria followed them hesitantly. She looked worried. Ellen was surprised at what happened.

“Did I really see Annie and Gloria or were my eyes playing a prank on me? No! I saw Annie and Gloria. Annie finally came back from Mexico and she didn’t even bother to check on me? I even called and waved and yet they seemed to have ignored me” Ellen said in her mind, worried. She sat on a nearby stool, becoming drowned in her thoughts.


Gloria, Annie and Ellen were together, discussing.

“Ellen, Gloria, I feel like I should cancel my plans of going to Mexico,” Annie said. Ellen and Gloria stared at Annie in shock.

“Annie, are you fine? How would you be thinking of doing such a thing? And why would you even think like that? Kindly stop the joke Annie” Gloria said and rolled her eyes.

“But I am serious Gloria. Actually, I am going to miss everyone. I feel like I should not be separated from my loved ones. And my mum, she would also be lonely. People will mock her, reminding her of how my dad left us. Who will comfort my mum? And I am scared of losing you girls. I was excited but now I have started thinking about this” Annie explained. Ellen came closer to Annie and then held her hand.

“Annie, we love you and care about your welfare. I understand what the problem is. You will definitely miss us. But what about us who would still be here? We will miss you but sometimes, one just has to let go for other heights to be reached and achievements to be made. And as for your mother, I would visit her often so she wouldn’t be lonely. It has been your dream to gain this scholarship. Now that you’ve finally got it, Gloria and I would be wrong if we tell you to forfeit it” Ellen explained. Annie hugged her. A group hug followed.


“Ellen! Ellen! Marie called a lost Ellen. Ellen was jolted out from her thought.

“Yes, mum? She answered.

“You were lost and worried. Is anything the problem my dear?” Marie asked.

“Mum, Annie is back,” Ellen said.

“Wow! The one who had travelled to Mexico? Marie asked.

“Yes mum” Ellen nodded.

“That’s good news. You’re supposed to be excited” Marie said.

“Mum, Annie was around with Gloria, Lilly and Linda. I saw them, yelled, but none of them spoke to me or came closer” Ellen complained.

“Listen, Ellen, don’t feel too bad. Maybe you are misunderstanding. Remember that you are special to Annie. She will surely come to visit you when she’s free. So, smile my child” Marie said and Ellen smiled cheerfully.

At Francis’ residence, Jamie was in the room going through his contacts on his phone.

“Who should I call? The slender girl or the voluptuous one? He asked himself.

“Instead of wasting time on such girls, just call Ellen” Jamie heard from behind him. He was surprised to see that Francis had been watching him.

“Yes. I said something right. At least call Ellen and ask her how she’s doing. She’s your friend right? You shouldn’t waste time calling people who are just after the fun. Call people that make you seem more reasonable” Francis persuaded.

“Okay, Francis. You’ve won. I will call her so that I would be spared your lecture” Jamie agreed. He dialled Ellen’s number.

Ellen’s phone was ringing but she could not notice as she was busy attending to customers.

Jamie tried her number twice again, but he still got no response.

“No response bro” Jamie shrugged.

“Why didn’t she pick your calls? Is she alright? Francis asked, concerned.

“Bro, don’t you think you worry for nothing. There are thousands of reasons one wouldn’t pick another’s call. Therefore, relax” Jamie said.

Ellen was in her house reading a magazine when she received a knock on the door. She went to attend to that and it was Gloria. Ellen gave no reaction to seeing Gloria.

“Hi, Ellen” Gloria greeted.

“Hello? How are you, Gloria? Ellen asked.

“I am doing fine” Gloria answered. She stared at Ellen in surprise.

“Won’t you let me in first? Gloria asked, surprised.

“Oh! Sorry. I forgot. Come in” Ellen said and left the door. Gloria came in and sat on the sofa. Ellen sat opposite her.

“Ellen, you are acting so strange today. Is there anything bothering you? Gloria asked.

“If there’s anyone who had acted strange, then you are the one. You wouldn’t have asked this question if your conscience was clear” Ellen answered in an unfriendly manner.

Gloria frowned slightly.

“Excuse me, Ellen. Did I do something wrong? Gloria asked. Ellen adjusted her sitting position.

“Firstly, I saw you and Annie at the market. I waved at you both but you didn’t even act as you noticed me? Have you forgotten that so soon? Ellen asked, angrily.

“Exactly! I knew it was the reason for your hostile reply. I just wanted to hear it from you. But Ellen, you would have asked me politely instead of concluding already. Yes, Annie and I saw you at the market. But I never had the intention of ignoring you. I was the one who thought about coming to see you” Gloria explained.

“Why then did the outcome turn opposite? Ellen asked.

“Ellen, those twins forced Annie to follow them. I had no choice but to join them. I wanted Annie and me to come later when the twins leave, but it did not happen that way. Those twins couldn’t let Annie go” Gloria said. Ellen nodded.

“Indeed! I have noticed it. Those twins keep hovering Annie like they are flies. And I think Annie seems to be more attached to them these days more than she is to me. In fact, I think I hold no importance to her anymore” Ellen blurted out. Gloria was surprised.

“Huh? But why will you think like this? Gloria asked, surprised.

“I will tell you. It’s been three days since Annie came back and I saw her at the market, right? In these three days, Annie has not bothered to check on me. Can you believe that I came to her house and met her mother? Her mother told me that Annie wasn’t home. I tried asking for details, but her mum was so impatient. I can’t believe that this is the same woman I treated like my own mother. Both Annie and her mum really got me disappointed! And yes, I am not surprised. Time changes people indeed” Ellen narrated. Gloria was shocked.

“But how could Annie’s mum react that way? Why? Gloria asked in disbelief.

“It’s apparent! I am not needed anymore now that Annie is back” Ellen said. Gloria shook her head in disbelief.

A knock was heard on the door.

“Someone’s at the door. Excuse me” Ellen said and went to the door. She was surprised to see Annie dressed in a gown that barely covered her hips. Looking down her legs, she was on heels.

“Annie! Ellen yelled in excitement. She hugged Annie who hugged her back. They released each other.

“How are you, Annie? Ellen asked.

“I am doing fine. You? Annie asked.

“I am good,” Ellen said. Annie quickly diverted her eyes to Gloria who was already standing and watching.

“Gloria, I was just passing by when I saw your bicycle. I became certain that you are here” Annie said.

“You were passing by? Where were you going? Gloria asked.

“I wanted to see the tailor over there. I came around yesterday too” Annie said.

“Wow! Okay,” Gloria nodded.

“Yeah. See you later. Bye! Annie said.

“Bye!! Gloria replied and Annie was gone. Gloria looked at Ellen who seemed heartbroken.

“Ellen? Gloria called.

“Where did I go wrong? Annie came here just because she suspected that you are here? I am actually of no use to her. I am nobody, right? And who does she care to mingle with? Lilly and Linda? The same twins who were against her dreams. The same twins who insulted Annie back them. The same twins whom Annie would always try to avoid their taunts and then come to me for defence. Now she cares more about them than me. I am not so surprised because time changes a lot. I was always concerned about Annie but she has been least concerned. It is no surprise now that I lost contact with her while she was in Mexico. Why are people like this? Ellen lamented. She remembered how her twin sister Elena also left the house. She became emotional.

“Ellen calm down please! Gloria said. Ellen ran into her room, locked the door and began to cry.

In Marbella’s residence, she was in her room applying makeup.

“Wow! I look stunning. Some people will say I look gorgeous, but all the same, I know I am good” Marbella said and gave herself a flying kiss, admiring herself in the mirror.

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