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Dynamic love Episode fourteen

Francis was silent. She came closer to Francis and held his arms. This surprised Francis. Tears rolled from Ellen’s eyes and Francis was very much concerned.

“Don’t ever leave or forget me even if I force you to. Don’t ever make me this worried about you. Don’t ever hurt me by not picking my calls. You’ve made me miss you a lot. Don’t do that again because I will feel like going crazy. I love you, Francis! Ellen confessed and Francis was surprised.

“I said I love you, can you not hear me? Don’t just look at me. Say something please” Ellen said in tears. Francis raised his palm and wiped Ellen’s tears.

“I love you so much Ellen” Francis confessed and they hugged each other emotionally.

A few minutes later, Ellen and Francis were sitting on the pavement. Ellen had already calmed down.

“Ellen I am sorry that I couldn’t create some time for you” Francis apologized and Ellen blushed shyly.

“you don’t have to apologize every time. It is okay” Ellen said.

“ellen, if that is what will make us always remain together, then I cannot stop doing so,” Francis said and Ellen blushed.

“but Francis, how could you not worry about me for five days. I was waiting for you to call but you didn’t. I couldn’t even connect. You made me worried sick” Ellen said.

“Well, I had travelled to Mexico for some urgent matter. I didn’t go with the same number. I switched to another phone that’s why you couldn’t connect. Also, I informed Jamie concerning what you said. I told him to be secretly watching over you in case you needed help. I couldn’t stop thinking about you Ellen. I was tempted to come here and talk to you, but I decided to respect your decision. But now, even if you threaten me with a gun, I will never leave you” Francis said looking at Ellen. Ellen turned her face away shyly.

“Francis,  do you promise that you will always stand by me? ellen asked.

“Absolutely,” Francis said looking into ellen’s eyes. Ellen was blushing so much her cheeks began turning red. She suddenly remembered Annie.

“have you been in touch with Annie? Ellen asked.

“No. and I will end my friendship with her for hurting you. No one has a right to hurt an innocent girl like you. She had once tried to degrade you but I stopped her. I love everything about you. Your simplicity, innocence, values and nature. I wouldn’t leave you for any other girl” Francis said, holding Ellen’s hands. Ellen couldn’t hide her happiness.

“and please, I don’t want to see you cry again. Seeing you in tears hurt me” Francis said and they had an eye lock for some seconds.

“Ellen, it is getting late. Maybe I should get going” Francis asked. Ellen’s eyes widened.

“But my mum isn’t back yet,” Ellen said and Marie came in just then. They both stood up and greeted her.

“Francis, you came to keep my daughter company. That’s good.

“No ma. Ellen and I… Francis wanted to talk but Ellen gave him a signal to stop.

“Mum, I will talk about it later,” Ellen said.

“Okay. I think I should give you both some privacy” Marie said teasingly and went inside.

“Francis” Ellen called.

“Yes, Ellen? Francis answered. Ellen hesitated to speak.

“I understand you, and I will also miss you. I will ensure we see tomorrow” Francis said and Ellen hugged him. She released him.

“I will miss you. I love you” Francis said.

“I love you too,” Ellen said. She watched as Francis drove out. She then went inside.

Ellen was sitting with Marie.

“mum, I finally told Francis that I love him,” Ellen said.

“wow! Marie exclaimed.

“what was his reply? Marie asked.

“at first he was in surprise, then he also said he loves me too” ellen answered shyly.

“I am so happy for you my child. Who wouldn’t want to have a good man like Francis? Marie said.

Ellen was in her room remembering something.

No one has a right to hurt an innocent girl like you. She had once tried to degrade you but I stopped her. I love everything about you. Your simplicity, innocence, values and nature. I wouldn’t leave you for any other girl” Francis said, holding Ellen’s hands. Ellen couldn’t hide her happiness.

“and please, I don’t want to see you cry again. Seeing you in tears hurt me” Francis said and they had an eye lock for some seconds.

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Ellen recalled that. She covered her face with her pillow, giggling childishly.

Francis was in his room, lying on the bed. He dialled Ellen’s number.

Ellen’s phone rang and she rejoiced when she saw that it was Francis. She picked the call.

“Hello, Ellen,” Francis said. As usual, Ellen didn’t respond immediately. She was just blushing.

“Ellen, please talk to me. I just want to hear your voice before I sleep” Francis persuaded.

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“Francis” Ellen called.

“Ellen, how are you doing tonight? Francis asked.

“I am good. What about you? Ellen asked.

“I am just happy because I heard your voice. You make my day and night complete. I know that I have been so busy that I didn’t attend to your calls. But I will make it up to you tomorrow. Goodnight dear, and dream about me” Francis said and Ellen giggled.

“Goodnight too,” Ellen said.

“I love you dear,” Francis said, smiling.

“I love you too” Ellen replied after giggling.

The next morning, Ellen had just finished saying her prayers. She switched on her phone and noticed that she had a message. She opened it and it was from Francis. She smiled and then read the message.

“You are one of the reasons I wake up with a smile on my face. I see you in my dreams and I find it difficult to get you off my mind. Good morning love. I love you sweetie” Ellen read blushing. She covered her eyes with her palms briefly.

“Wow! I never saw this side of Francis before now. I used to think he was an overly serious man. But today I have realised that he’s also playful” Ellen said in her mind, smiling.

Marie came into Ellen’s room and noticed her blushing.

“Hmm. Ellen? Let me guess; you received a text from Francis, right? she asked and Ellen nodded.

“Mum, I am so surprised that Francis is like this. I initially used to think he was just caring” Ellen said, smiling.

In the evening, drove to Ellen’s house. Ellen was happy to see him. Francis then took her to his house. They were standing in the corridor.

“Did you miss me today? Francis asked and Ellen nodded shyly.

“Did you miss me too? Ellen returned the question.

“You don’t need to ask Ellen. I couldn’t concentrate on work. Especially when I remember that we confessed our feelings for each other last night” Francis said and Ellen smiled.

“I missed you Ellen” Francis confessed and then began to draw closer to Ellen. Ellen moved backwards a little, and then she was leaning on the wall. Francis came very close to her. She looked into his eyes and he did the same too. They were lost in each other’s eyes. Francis caressed ellen’s face.

“I love you, Ellen,” Francis said but Ellen just smiled. Francis was very close to ellen that they began to feel each other’s breath. Francis gently raised ellen’s hand and pecked it. Ellen bent her head shyly and Francis smiled. He caressed the nape of ellen’s neck and this made ellen close her eyes.

“you make me feel things that I would never feel with any other girl,” Francis said with slight difficulty as his breathing rate had increased. Ellen was lost and her eyes remained close.

“There’s something which I have done just once, a long time ago. Now I feel like I should do it now that I am close to you” Francis said with ragged breathing. He gently cupped Ellen’s face and positioned his lips close to hers, but she turned her face away and opened her eyes.

“Francis please,” Ellen said, breathing hard. Francis let her go immediately.

“What happened Ellen? You don’t want me to kiss you? Francis asked. Ellen nodded shyly.

“Why? You are nervous? Francis asked, smiling.

“I have never had a kiss before and I want my first to be on my wedding day,” Ellen said and Francis chuckled.

“You are one rare kind of girl. You are so unique. That’s why I keep falling deeply in love with you every day” Francis said and Ellen smiled.

“But I hope I did not disappoint you,” Ellen asked.

“No. I am impressed. You are well disciplined and uphold your values. You are not just any girl” Francis said and Ellen blushed.

“Francis, you said that you kissed before. Who was that with? Ellen asked curiously.

“That happened with my ex-girlfriend. We were in a relationship and had our first kiss. Few days after our first kiss, I realised that she was not the one for me. We parted ways, and I decided to focus on building up my life instead of getting into countless relationships like some of my mates were doing. It has been nearly ten years since I had been in a relationship. But ever since I met you, you’ve sparked the feelings that seemed lost in my life. You trigger the hidden side of me” Francis said and Ellen smiled.

“Have you told Jamie about us? Ellen asked curiously.

“Of course. I was so excited when you confessed that you love me. Therefore, I couldn’t hide my joy. What about you? Have you informed your mum? Francis asked Ellen.

“Yes. I tell her everything. She was happy for us” Ellen said. Francis nodded.

“I love you so much Ellen,” Francis said

“I love you too Francis,” Ellen said, blushing. They became lost in each other’s eyes.

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