Dynamic love episode nine

A few minutes later, Ellen was in the hospital alone.

“I haven’t seen Francis since I regained consciousness. I want to see Francis now. I haven’t even thanked him for saving my life. Maybe I should check for my phone” Ellen said to herself. She searched quoted for her phone with her eyes but couldn’t find it. There was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” she said and it was Francis. She smiled.

“Francis! She called. He came close to her bed and sat on the chair closer to it. He held her hand and they had an eye lock.

“How are you now? Francis asked in a caring tone.

“I am fine. What about you? Ellen asked.

“I am fine after knowing that you are fine,” Francis said. Ellen blushed.

“What about work. Didn’t you go to work today? Ellen asked.

“Work is fine. I just checked on work before coming here. I made sure everything is fine so that I wouldn’t be distracted when I come here” Francis said. Ellen looked at him for a while. Francis noticed the silence.

“You have something in your mind to say? Francis asked Ellen. Ellen just blushed and turned her face aside. Francis frowned a little, seemingly amused.

“Why do you always act like a kid? Francis asked. Ellen turned towards him and frowned.

“You’ve started talking like Jamie. I don’t like that” Ellen said seeming upset. Francis smiled.

“Are you upset with me? Francis asked. Ellen nodded.

“Really? I was only teasing you. I am sorry” Francis said and Ellen blushed.

“Why do you always seem shy? Francis asked.

“I don’t know. I usually feel this way when I am with you” Ellen confessed innocently. Francis stared at her in surprise.

“Francis, it is good that you came. I was already getting bored. Thanks a lot for donating blood. My mum would have broken down if you didn’t come on time. And I just feel so bad that my mum fell out with my brother. I don’t know why that had to happen” Ellen said getting emotional. Francis held her hand with care.

“Ellen, don’t let that bother you. You have to concentrate on getting better and leaving this hospital” Francis said and Ellen nodded.

“So smile. I love seeing you smile. You look beautiful when you smile” Francis said. Ellen blushed.

“Ellen, I want to tell you a story. Would you like that? Francis asked. Ellen nodded.

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A few years ago, there lived a girl named Juliet. There was a young man named Geoffrey. Juliet was 22 while Geoffrey was 26. How did they meet? Their first meeting was coincidental. Geoffrey was having his masters degree in engineering, while Juliet was doing her B.Sc. in public administration. Juliet came to see a friend. She knocked; ready to hug her friend Ciara. Unfortunately, Geoffrey opened the door, shocked to see her in such a position. Juliet was dead embarrassed realizing that she knocked on the wrong door. She said sorry and wanted to leave. Geoffrey was in a foul mood as at that time. He immediately blamed her for distracting him. Juliet was trying to apologize but then he closed the door without listening.

A few days later, Geoffrey and Juliet coincidentally met again in college. Geoffrey apologized for his rude behaviour in their first meeting and the two became friends. Geoffrey was so cute that many girls in college wished they were his girlfriend. But then, Geoffrey was focused and serious. He never paid attention to any of these girls. As for Juliet, she was reserved and focused too. The similarity between these two, made them fall in love. They started dating. When the two were done with college, Geoffrey proposed to Juliet and they got married. Juliet gave birth to two sons. When the last son was 4 years old, Geoffrey was diagnosed with cancer and died soon after that. Juliet mourned his death but promised to singlehandedly raise their sons to be hard-working and dedicated as Geoffrey was when he was alive. One of Geoffrey’s sons desired to become a Lawyer, while the other aspired to become an engineer Francis narrated and Ellen had been listening with keen interest.

“That’s touching. I hope the children have been able to achieve what their father could not achieve before death,” Ellen said.

“Do you know whose family this is?” Francis asked. Ellen shook her head.

“It is the story of my mum and dad. I am their second child Francis said, seeming a bit emotional. Ellen stared at him, feeling sorry.

“I am sorry,” Ellen said.

But why do you have to say sorry? Francis asked, surprised.

“I made you remember your late father,” Ellen said.

“No. it is not a problem,” Francis said.

“Francis,” Ellen called.

“Yes, Ellen,” he answered.

“I have a request,” Ellen said.

“Yes, Tell me,” Francis asked.

“I just want you to always be my friend,” Ellen said and Francis was surprised.

“Really? You don’t need to request that? And I don’t think I will ever want to stop being your friend,” Francis said and Ellen blushed.

A few minutes later, Francis observed that Ellen was sleepy. Francis adjusted his sitting position and Ellen became alert. Her eyes widened and she seemed scared.

“Is there a problem Ellen?” Francis asked and Ellen nodded.

“What is it?” Francis asked caringly.

“Please don’t leave,” Ellen pleaded. Francis looked at Ellen in surprise.

“I am not planning to leave,” Francis said. Ellens eyes gradually closed to sleep and Francis just watched her. Some minutes later, Francis rested his head on Ellens pillow.

Ellen woke up later and saw Francis head very close to her. She smiled and began to admire him. As she was looking, she noticed that someone was at the door. This made her close her eyes immediately. Marie came in and smiled on seeing Francis and Ellen in that position. Ellen pretended to be asleep.

“It seems like these two finally had the opportunity to discuss while I was away. Ellen doesn’t want to tell me that she’s started dating,” Marie said.

“I am not dating mum,” Ellen said and opened her eyes. Marie was surprised.

“Oh! I thought you were sleeping. How did you suddenly wake up?” Marie asked. She looked at Francis who was still sleeping and then at Ellen.

“Hmm. Something is fishy,” Marie said teasing Ellen.

“Mum stop it. Besides, I wouldn’t do anything without informing you, right?” Ellen asked. Francis raised his head. His eyes widened as he saw Marie.

“Good afternoon ma,” he greeted.

“Good afternoon,” Marie greeted, smiling.

In the evening, Marbella was in the kitchen, making pancakes. She was done with them and then decided to give some to her father. She went to her father’s room and knocked.

“Dad, it is your princess,” she said and a man in his sixties opened the door, smiling.

“Dad, I was less busy so I decided to make you this. I hope you’ll like it,” Marbella said.

“As long as my princess made it, I will surely love it,” her father said. Marbella blushed. He took the tray from Marbella.

“Okay dad, do well with work,” Marbella said and left for her room. She got into her room and put on her headset. She began to dance. Suddenly, the door of her room was opened and her aunt came in. This made her stop, frustrated with her aunt’s presence.

“Hello, Marbella,” her aunt Lisa said. Marbella frowned.

“Hi, aunt. I don’t want this to happen, but I guess you are just pushing me to the wall. Please do not try my patience. Couldn’t you knock before entering, or is that one of your allergies?” Marbella asked. Her aunt smiled at her.

“Wow Really? We still haven’t talked about your wayward lifestyle. You dance so well; like the dance style of a stripper. Isn’t it amazing?” Lisa mocked and Marbella frowned.

“Honey, it is so amazing that you possess such quality right under your Fathers house. I mean you are now mature and your body is quite seductive. Do you want to start having kids in your father’s house? I mean not just your father’s house, but in your father’s room as well?” Lisa taunted and Marbella got angry.

“Do not cross your limits, auntie Lisa!” Marbella warned.

“Otherwise? Are you going to hit me?” Lisa asked.

“You insolent child! Your mother is to be blamed. It is obvious that she had the same nature as yours. Her punishment was that she died after giving birth to you. And your father couldn’t even imbibe good morals into you. He raised an insolent child,” Lisa mocked and Marbella couldn’t take it anymore.

“How dare you insult my mum?” Marbella asked with mixed feelings: emotion and anger

“What are you going to do? Hit me?” Lisa asked sarcastically.

“No. I should have slapped you but that would be animal abuse!” Marbella yelled in anger, shocking Lisa. Lisa rolled her eyes.

“keep rolling your eyes. Maybe you will find a brain back there,” Marbella said and Lisa frowned.

“You have the nerve to insult my mum right? If stupidity was painful, you would have been in agony. Have you forgotten that you got married three times yet you are still single? All your marriages never worked because of your disgusting nature. Even in your folly, my dad brought you into his home. It is my dad’s fault. He is so generous that he decides to give shelter to scum like you.  And now you try to make me uncomfortable in my own home? If you are not comfortable with my lifestyle, why not slip into more comfortable than a coma? You are shameless and disgusting. You shouldn’t speak where humans are! And you spoke about my figure. Yeah. It is good that I have a nice figure. Have you not noticed that your body shrinks and sags every day?” Marbella yelled and Lisa was angry. She slapped Marbella hard on the cheek. Marbella got furious. Her eyes were red in fury.

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