Dynamic love episode seven

Marbella was driving her car on the road when she received a phone call. She frowned immediately she saw the contact.

“Oh damn it! Why does this fool decide to ruin my day with his calls? Marbella complained. She then picked the call and placed it on hands-free mode.

“Hello? a male voice said.

“Yes, what do you want from me that you keep ruining my beautiful day with your calls? Marbella asked.

“Hold on Marbella. Are you so mean that you cannot even bear to hear my voice” He asked.

“Oh come on baby boy! When you are damn useless, how do you expect me to apply patience while speaking with you? If you are not aware, let me inform you that I have an allergy for irrelevant people. Especially the ones with disgusting desires. Now be lost and gone forever” Marbella said and hung up the call. She rolled her eyes.

“Stupid! She exclaimed angrily.

Ellen and Jamie arrived at Francis’ residence. Jamie led her into the sitting room. Ellen was very shy. she was searching around with her eyes.

“Where is Francis? It has been some days since we haven’t seen or talked” Ellen said in her mind.

“Francis, guess who’s here? Jamie said aloud. Francis came in from the backyard with a lady standing beside him. Ellen widened her eyes to look closely at the girl.

“Annie? Ellen said, surprised.

Annie! Ellen called aloud. Annie paused, shocked to see that it was Ellen. Ellen walked up to Anne and Francis who was also surprised to see Ellen. Jamie also came close.

“Annie, you are here too? Ellen asked.

“Yeah. I am here. why? Annie asked.

“Well, I am kind of surprised to see you are here. How are you doing Annie? Ellen asked.

“No need to ask. it’s obvious that I am doing fine” Annie answered sharply.

“Hold on. So you two know each other? Francis asked.

“Yeah. She’s been my friend for years now” Ellen said excitedly.

“Really? So you already have another friend besides me? Francis joked referring to Annie, smiling. Annie rolled her eyes.

“Friend? Maybe. I don’t know” Annie said nonchalantly. Ellen was surprised. Francis took what Anne said as a joke. Ellen just hid her disappointment in Anne.

“Well, Annie is my very good friend whom I met when I travelled to Mexico. We met coincidentally, but then became friends. I am happy she’s back now” Francis said, holding Anne’s hand up a little. Ellen looked at their joined hands and then looked away.

“Can’t Francis realize that Annie is the same girl whom I cried to him about? No wonder how she reacted today. This is the height” Ellen said in her mind. Francis noticed that Ellen was lost.

“Ellen are you okay?” Francis asked. Ellen was jolted from her thought.

“Yeah” She quickly answered Francis.

“Jamie, take care of Ellen. I will go out with Anne for a while” Francis said.

“Okay,” Jamie agreed. Ellen frowned a little. Francis and Annie left. Ellen became sad.

“I was eager to see Francis but then he is with someone else. and that person happens to be Annie. I am not gonna waste my tears for her anymore. She has done her worse. How could she try to deny me? Ellen asked in her mind.

“Ellen” Jamie called. Ellen turned to look at him. Jamie came close to Ellen.

“I just don’t like Annie. She is beautiful but so arrogant. just look how she’s ignoring me and moving along with Francis. I’m not handsome enough? Jamie asked and Ellen laughed.

“You are so silly Jamie”! Ellen said.

“Okay Ellen, have a seat. I would be right back” Jamie said and then left for the kitchen. Ellen began to think again.

“Oh no! Why am I even here? I shouldn’t have agreed with Jamie to come here. I don’t like being at men’s houses but then I just wanted to see Francis. Why did Francis have to be with someone else? I should go check if they have already left” Ellen thought in her mind. She walked to the door and was surprised to see that Annie and Francis were still around. They were leaning on Francis’ car, discussing. Ellen went a bit close to hear them.

“Yes! that reminds me. Who’s that girl to you Francis? I mean Ellen” Annie asked.

“She’s my friend,” Francis said.

“Well, I have just been wondering what you will be doing with such a girl,” Annie said.

“Sorry? I don’t understand what you mean” Francis said.

“Well, she’s so outdated in style and character. She’s too much of a mummy’s girl” Annie complained. Francis frowned a little.

“Annie, I thought she is your friend,” Francis said.

“Well, she was,” Annie said.

“Okay. but the Annie I made friends with, does not degrade people. I hope you haven’t changed so soon” Francis asked. Annie smiled.

“Don’t worry Francis. I am still the Annie you know” Annie said and hugged Francis who hugged her too. Ellen who had heard their conversation was close to tears as she watched them hugging.

“How could Anne go as far as instigating Francis against me. She has gone too far. it’s time to act rather than cry” Ellen said in her mind. She wiped her tears in anger.

Francis car stopped in front of Annie’s house. Annie came out, smiling.

“Thanks for today,” She said.

“My pleasure,” Francis said. they both waved goodbye to each other and Francis was gone. Annie wanted to get into her house, but a hand forcefully grabbed her aside. this made her scared. She was shocked to see that it was Ellen.

“Ellen you? You scared the hell out of me! Annie said, almost yelling.

“Hmm. so you can be scared huh? but you aren’t scared of talking bad about others right? Ellen asked, angry. Annie looked confused.

“I don’t understand what you mean Ellen,” Annie said.

“Oh! there’s no need to feign innocence because even before your recent mischief, you have been a snake since you returned from Mexico! Ellen expressed. Anne nodded and crossed her arms.

“Okay then, tell me what I’ve been doing to you,” Annie said.

“You came back from Mexico and you didn’t even bother telling me or checking on me right? And even when you came to my house, it was for Gloria, right? Today, you almost denied me in front of Francis but I still endured it. But do you know what I can’t take from you? I cannot have you try to ruin my friendship with Francis. How could you even try to do that? Aren’t you satisfied that I already lost you as a friend? What kind of human has Mexico turned you into?” Ellen asked. Annie rolled her eyes.

“Oh! Is that all? It is so boring that I feel like yawning right now. And yes, whatever I have been doing is very clear to me. I don’t regret doing anything. I must tell you this. I don’t want to have anything to do with you again. Like you can see, I have been renewed since my stay in Mexico. Therefore, I want to shove off old things and have new ones. If at all I would want to keep old friends, I should go for those who are willing to go with the trend and not those who choose to remain old fashioned and boring. Go look for a nearby mirror and scrutinize yourself. You would see how old fashioned you look. I didn’t want any friend of mine to begin preaching about my new lifestyle because I know you’ve always been an expert in doing such. Therefore, I cut you off!” Annie explained. Ellen was shocked and close to tears.

“I’ve heard everything you said, Anne. I’ve agreed. but please, do not try to intrude in my friendship with Francis. I don’t want anything like this in my friendship with him. I have already lost you, so stay in your lane” Ellen said, feeling hurt.

“Well sorry but Francis is my friend. I can’t help it when I see you around him. Just pray that you don’t meet him when I am with him. All the best” Annie said and entered her house. Ellen stood outside, hurt. Tears were threatening to drop.

Ellen was with Marbella in the evening. They were at a restaurant with juice on their table. They seemed to have already finished eating some bakeries. She had already told Marbella about what happened between Annie and her. Marbella was angry about it.

“Ellen, I can’t believe that a friend would do this. She’s so stupid to have done this. Ellen, don’t listen to whatever she says. You have your worth. Don’t allow her to make you feel inferior” Marbella strongly advised.

Marbella and Ellen were already leaving the restaurant. To Ellen’s surprise, she saw Annie coming.

“Speak of the devil and he will appear. Can you believe that the girl we just talked about is here now? Ellen said to Marbella, pointing to Annie. Marbella began to scrutinize Annie.

“Well, she looks quite good in her classic dresses. If only she didn’t get to her recent status, she would have looked like a pig. I think I should talk some sense into her empty skull” Marbella threatened to go close to Annie but Ellen drew her back.

“Let’s just avoid her,” Ellen said.

“If you say so” Marbella shrugged.

Annie spotted Ellen and came in front of Marbella and Ellen.

“Ellen. oh, I see. You enjoy being around people who are not your kind right? You must be following her because she’s wealthy right? Just be thankful that she is not ashamed of you” Annie said and began to leave. Marbella frowned. She quickly drew Annie back. This surprised Annie.

“Excuse me, girl. Weren’t you taught manners and etiquette? Marbella asked.

“Sorry? Annie asked.

“You heard me, girl. You insult Ellen both behind and in front of me. My presence couldn’t even make you hold to keep your gibberish to yourself” Marbella said.

“Hold on. I don’t know you. Do you also want some? Annie threatened.

Marbella chuckled.

“Oh! Do you want to unleash your stupidity here? Well, that wouldn’t be a problem” Marbella said.

“You fool. You just need to get out of my business otherwise you wouldn’t like my claws. Dumbest! Anne said.

“Hello? Is your brain in there? Do you think you are talking to someone as dumb as you are? If I put your brain in a bird, it will surely fly backwards. Allow me to think you are an idiot. Don’t open your mouth to prove it” Marbella insulted. Annie frowned. Ellen was shocked at Marbella.

“Are you insulting me? Annie asked in disbelief.

“No. I am just describing you” Marbella answered boldly.

“What! I think you are biting more than you can chew. Who are you lowlife to stand and insult me? Didn’t your mother spank you when you were a child? Annie asked in anger.

“You call me lowlife? And you call my mother? Hmm. speaking of such, there’s nothing good about your life. The only good thing about you dried on your mother’s thighs the day you were born. And before you condemn people, do well by checking yourself to know if you are better them” Marbella said.

“As you can see, I am more beautiful than Ellen. So am I not right? Annie boasted. Marbella placed her palm on her eye and chuckled.

“Beautiful you say? Yuk! The last time I saw a face like yours, I fed it a banana. I wouldn’t even suggest you look your face in the mirror because mirrors can’t talk and they can’t laugh either” Marbella insulted and this made Ellen almost laugh. She was just watching silently.

“You crazy girl! You are the monkey! Your parents must be regretting your birth” Annie said angrily.

“Really? I am proud of how ugly I am. Because if I had a face like yours, I would surely sue my parents” Marbella said and snapped her fingers.

“How dare you say that to me? Annie yelled. Marbella placed her hand over her nose.

“Please, find a way to hold your breath while talking to me. I keep wondering if what I perceive is your fart or your breath. Your breath smells like shit. Do you often sniff your WC? Marbella asked and Ellen tried to hold her laughter. Annie became speechless. She was breathing hard.

“Come on baby girl! Are you short of words? Please don’t cry here now. Cry later. If mittens shed tears, I would rather be moved by it than be moved by your tears. So, let’s call it a day baby girl” Marbella said and smirked. Annie slapped Marbella hard on the cheek. Marbella and Ellen froze in shock

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