Dynamic love episode six

Marbella entered her room, closing the door behind her. She slumped on her bed immediately. She suddenly got up. She remembered something.


Ellen stood up and gave back Marbella’s handkerchief.

“Thanks for this. But right now, I am so angry. I am not in the mood to talk to anyone. Leave me alone” Ellen said. This shocked Marbella.

“What! Ellen? Marbella exclaimed in shock.

“You heard me right. Begone! Ellen yelled. Marbella was shocked. she hesitantly went back to her car.

“But I am sorry for not picking your calls” Marbella apologized before leaving.


Marbella remembered that, sad.

“Oh no! Ellen looked hurt and sad. I think I should call her” Marbella said in her mind. She tried Ellen’s number. It rang but Ellen didn’t pick.

“Maybe she’s not in the mood. I should send her a text” She decided.

“I am sorry Ellen. I couldn’t pick your calls because I was not in a situation to do so. I know you may be sad or going through a tough time. But always remember that you are not alone” Marbella typed and sent to Ellen.

Jamie, Ellen and Francis were walking after out of the beach.

“Buddy, I couldn’t believe that you and Ellen will play that game and win everyone. Oh! I am jealous. I should have played with you Ellen” Jamie said. Ellen blushed.

“Jamie, if you had played with Ellen, she wouldn’t have won. I know your focus would be on the ladies. You would have been busy checking on their height and body size” Francis said and Jamie laughed. Ellen just smiled silently.

“Brother, you always find a chance to taunt me” Jamie complained.

“Well, that’s because you always give me the chance to do so,” Francis said. Jamie looked at Ellen who seemed lost, smiling.

“Ellen, don’t you have anything you say to Francis? He’s been taunting me, and you are just lost in another world” Jamie complained. Ellen’s eyes bulged in shock as she saw a little child of about 3 years old, running on the road. A car was moving further with speed.

“Hey! Ellen yelled and ran towards the child. She carried the child away just in time. Jamie and Francis were just shocked. The car passed without taking a break. Ellen was breathing hard. She put the child down and then bent to talk to him.

“Hello! Where are you going? Who brought you here? Ellen asked. The little boy couldn’t say a word. He seemed shy. A woman came running to Ellen and the boy.

“Jim! She said and quickly carried him in her arms. She turned to Ellen.

“I don’t know exactly how to thank you. I am very grateful to you for how you saved my child. If anything had happened to him, I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. Thanks a lot” She appreciated.

Francis came close to Ellen.

“Are you a couple? She asked pointing at Francis and Ellen. Francis and Ellen looked at each other. Ellen smiled awkwardly.

“No. We are just friends” Francis answered.

“Oh! Silly me. Once again, thanks for saving my son” The boy’s mother appreciated.

“Don’t mention it. All I want you to do is to be very careful with him. Once you let your eyes of these kids, they are bound to get into trouble” Ellen advised. The mother nodded.

A few minutes later, Ellen, Jamie and Francis were in Francis car. Jamie received a text.

“Well, Francis, Ellen, I would be going now. A friend of mine is waiting” Jamie said.

“Okay. Remain safe. Don’t get slapped” Francis advised. Jamie chuckled.

“Bye Jamie,” Ellen said. Jamie waved and then, he was gone.

Francis looked at Ellen.

“Ellen, I had wanted to ask this question before; a few days ago, I told Jamie to call you but you were not answering. Did you see the missed calls? Francis asked.

“Yeah. I saw them. I planned to call later but then it escaped my mind” Ellen said.

“Also, you risked your life saving that little boy. I admire what you did” Francis commended. Ellen smiled.

“Thank you. I love children a lot. I can’t wait to have mine” Ellen said, smiling. Francis chuckled.

“Really? You will make a good mother Ellen. But hope you are not the type who will want to have a dozen” Francis joked. ellen’s eyes widened in amusement.

“A dozen? Who would do that? Ellen asked rhetorically. Francis chuckled.

“Maybe I will do as my mum did. she had just three children. If I want to make more than that, it wouldn’t be more than four” Ellen said.

“Wow! You always talk about your mum. You are the type who loves your mum very much” Francis said.

“Yeah. My mum has tried. My mum can sacrifice her happiness for her children. And no matter the sin we commit, my mum is ever ready to forgive and accept us back again. Right now I am the only child with my mum. My dad is long dead. My older brother is married and… Ellen explained, getting emotional as she remembered her twin sister. Francis noticed it. He held her hand.

“And you don’t want to do anything that will break your mom’s heart, right? Francis completed.

“Look Ellen, you have to pass through some difficult phases of life. Everything happens for a reason. I know that you suddenly remembered your friend who just returned from Mexico and then decided to cut you off. Well, you don’t have to shed tears for people who don’t worth it” Francis advised and Ellen just looked on at him.

“When I was your age, I didn’t find everything rosy. My father died quite long too. My mother tried her best for my brother and me. I promised myself that I will work very hard to be a success. I had to deny myself of getting into relationships and other external pleasures. My interest was to get to a satisfactory height. After that, I will get married and then start my own family. Despite some difficulties and even betrayals I faced, I still scaled through. Now I can boast of my hard work” Francis narrated. Ellen had been listening to either keen interest.

“Ellen, don’t let people’s attitude towards you bring you down. Don’t even let them change your nature. Always remain the good person you’ve always been no matter what. And even if some friends turn out fake, always remember that there’s still someone who truly cares about you” Francis advised. Ellen just looked on.

At night in Francis’ residence, Francis was busy with his laptop, while Jamie was chatting on a social app. Francis shut down his computer and closed it. His phone beeped. He took it and read the message. He then went to his photos. He was looking at the pictures He, Ellen and Jamie took. he smiled watching them. Jamie noticed Francis smile. He quietly went behind Francis and saw the pictures.

“Hello, Brother! Jamie said and Francis turned immediately.

“What do you want from me? Francis said, feeling disturbed by Jamie.

“Why? Is it a crime to check on what makes you smile? Jamie asked teasingly.

“You just disturbed me,” Francis said. Jamie smiled mischievously.

“Oh! Did I disturb you? You were so interested in looking at Ellen, right? Jamie asked teasingly.

“What! Francis exclaimed in surprise.

“Yes,” Jamie said affirmatively.

“I am not like you Jamie. I don’t eye women lustily” Francis said.

“Okay. I believe you don’t. But I must tell you what I noticed lately. You barely have leisure time, you do not even have time for women, and you’ve always been the busy type. But today, I discovered that there’s only one girl who made you spend a lot of time without you realizing it. Ellen. It is so surprising how you gave Ellen almost your whole leisure time. You’ve never done this with another girl, have you? Jamie teased. Francis just shook his head, trying to wave it off.

“Just go to bed Jamie. You are talking nonsense” Francis said and then left. Jamie shrugged and continued with his phone.

A few Days Later,

Ellen was in the stall with her mother.

“Mum, can I go now? Ellen asked.

“Of course. as long as you stay out of trouble, I am okay” Marie said.

“Thank you, mum. Bye! Ellen said and ran off.

Ellen was at the cafe waiting for Marbella. Marbella car arrived soon and she came out. She quickly ran to Ellen and they hugged.

“How are you, Ellen? Marbella asked.

“I am fine. What about you? Ellen asked.

“It is apparent that I am good,” Marbella said. She suddenly feigned anger, folding her arms and frowning slightly.

“Marbella I am sorry. I know I overreacted when I told you to leave me alone” Ellen apologized. Marbella shook her head.

“Ellen I am not angry about that. What annoys me is how you made me miss you all these days” Marbella said. Ellen smiled.

“Really? Ellen asked.

“Yeah. I missed you” Marbella said.

“I missed you too,” Ellen said and they hugged again. They released each other, smiling.

“Marbella, I have to attend a friend’s birthday today. I just came out to see you briefly. But in the evening, we will go out together. or, do you want to come along with me? Marbella asked.

“No. it is okay. You can go. We will meet in the evening” Ellen said.

“Alright then. Bye! Marbella said and got into her car.

Ellen was walking on the road when a bike stopped beside her. the bike rider was riding a helmet. This scared Ellen a bit and she turned to look. The rider to moved his helmet and it was Jamie. Ellen was surprised.

“Jamie? You scared me. You are riding a bike? Did you get a new bike? Ellen asked.

“No. It’s my friend’s. I lost my bike quite a long time when I was chasing after girls” Jamie said.

“Hmm. really? That was the appropriate punishment for you even though you still haven’t stopped” Ellen said. Jamie chuckled.

“Okay. So where do you intend going? Jamie asked.

“I just want to go home now,” Ellen said.

“Oh! Most times you are either at home or the market. Can you not try to move around sometimes? Okay, why don’t you come to visit my house? Francis had taken a day off from work” Jamie suggested.

“Huh? But I am not used to going to men’s houses. My mum has always warned me to be careful” Ellen said.

“Oh, Ellen! There you go again acting like a kid. Your mother is always talked about in any slightest conversation. Besides, we are friends and I respect you. And you know that Francis does not bite” Jamie said. Ellen crossed her arms in thought.

Ellen and Jamie arrived at Francis’ residence. Jamie led her into the sitting room. Ellen was very shy. She was searching around with her eyes.

“Where is Francis? It has been some days since we haven’t seen or talked” Ellen said in her mind.

“Francis, guess who’s here? Jamie said aloud. Francis came in from the backyard with a lady standing beside him. Ellen widened her eyes to look closely at the girl.

“Annie? Ellen said, surprised.

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