Dynamic love episode ten

Marbella couldn’t take it anymore.

“How dare you insult my mum? Marbella asked with mixed feelings: emotion and anger

“What are you going to do? Hit me? Lisa asked sarcastically.

“No. I should have slapped you but that would be animal abuse! Marbella yelled in anger, shocking Lisa. Lisa rolled her eyes.

“keep rolling your eyes. Maybe you will find a brain back there” Marbella said and Lisa frowned.

“You have the nerve to insult my mum right? If stupidity was painful, you would have been in agony. Have you forgotten that you got married three times yet you are still single? All your marriages never worked because of your disgusting nature. Even in your folly, my dad brought you into his home. It is my dad’s fault. He is so generous that he decides to give shelter to scum like you.  And now you try to make me uncomfortable in my own home? If you are not comfortable with my lifestyle, why not slip into more comfortable than a coma? You are shameless and disgusting. You shouldn’t speak where humans are! And you spoke about my figure. Yeah. It is good that I have a nice figure. Have you not noticed that your body is shrinks and sags every day? Marbella yelled and Lisa was angry. She slapped Marbella hard on the cheek. Marbella got furious. Her eyes were red in fury.

“How dare you hit me? Marbella yelled.

“I should even hit you more. With that sharp tongue of yours, you try to insult me? Don’t give me that look because you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it” Lisa challenged.

“Is that what you think? Now see how crazy I can be!” Marbella yelled in anger. She stormed out of her room.

Marbella got into Lisa’s room in anger. She began disarranging things that had already been arranged. She broke Lisa’s photo frame and Lisa who just came in was shocked.

“Marbella what have you done? Have you gone mad?” Lisa yelled.

“You wanted to see how crazy I can be, therefore I prove it!” Marbella yelled back and smashed Lisa’s wall clock on the ground. Lisa’s eyes bulged in shock. Marbella’s father walked in surprised to see Marbella in fury.

“Marbella” he called softly and Marbella was calmed. He came closer to Marbella.

“What’s the problem Marbella?” He asked.

“Aunt started it! She came into my room to taunt me. She called me immoral, insulted mum and then accused you of not raising me properly. When I gave her a fitting reply, she slapped me!” Marbella yelled in anger. Her father was shocked. He turned to Lisa who already felt guilty.

“Why did you raise your hand on my daughter?” He asked.

“I did that because she was so insolent. She does not know how to talk to elders. Who gave her such right to insult me the way she did?” Lisa defended.

“Lisa, from all indications, you were the one who came into her room and then started the trouble. My daughter would not insult you without a cause. And who gives you the right to talk about my late wife? Lisa, I wouldn’t want to warn about this again, but let this not happen a second time” Marbella’s father said and then took Marbella away with him. Lisa remained speechless.

A few days later, Ellen had already been discharged from the hospital. She was in her house, getting ready to leave. Marie walked up to her, smiling.

“Are you going on a date? Marie asked and Ellen’s eyebrows came down.

“No mum. Why do you ask this?” She asked.

“Well, you dressed a little different today. I wouldn’t be surprised if you would be going on a date, because I’ve started noticing some male friends around you” Marie answered. Ellen blushed.

“Stop it, mother. Francis, Jamie and I are just friends” Ellen said, smiling.

“Okay,” Marie shrugged. There was a knock on the door and Ellen went to attend to it. She was surprised to see Jamie along with Francis. She smiled on seeing Francis. She ushered them in and Marie was already staring at them. They greeted Marie.

“So what have you two come to do? Do you want to take my daughter away from me?” Marie asked strictly. Ellen, Francis and Jamie stared at her in surprise. She smiled.

“I am just joking,” Marie said and Ellen became relieved.

“Ma, we just came because Ellen complained that she hasn’t seen any friend since she left the hospital. Francis suggested we come here” Jamie revealed and Marie nodded, smiling. Ellen became shy. Francis remained silent. His eyes fixed on Ellen.

Ellen, Jamie and Francis were at an ice-cream stand. Ellen dialled Marbella’s number. Marbella was just done with her makeup when she received Ellen’s call. She answered the call.

“Hello, Ellen?” She said.

“Marbella are you ready? Ellen asked.

“Getting ready” Marbella answered.

“Okay. Please come. I am already with my friends and I want you to meet them” Ellen said and Marbella smiled.

“I am happy you got genuine friends aside from that idiot. I will indeed come. Besides, where are you guys?” Marbella asked.

“We are at the ice-cream stand, opposite Greenville Resort” Ellen answered.

“Alright, it wouldn’t take me long to get there,” Marbella said. Ellen ended the call and Francis and Jamie were staring at her.

 “Who was that?” Francis asked Marbella.

“She is my friend. We were neighbours during childhood before she relocated. Not long from now, she had returned from London. Jamie, you should know this girl. Can you remember Marbella? The girl who always used to carry teddy bears? She was pampered by her father” Ellen reminded Jamie. Jamie thought for a while, but then he paused.

“Yes! I clearly remember how she was. She had long black hair and usually wore the ribbon, right?” Jamie asked Ellen.

“Exactly, you described her well!” Ellen agreed with Jamie.

“Oh! That means she would be grown and very beautiful lady now. Can’t wait to see her again” Jamie said and Ellen shook her head, smiling.

“Hold on. I think I also know this Marbella. I can also remember when you were little Ellen” Francis said and Ellen looked at him curiously.

“I remember when Jamie was still living in your neighbourhood. He used to play with you and other children. You were very friendly and calm but Marbella was small and talkative. I remember when Jamie unintentionally broke one of her toys. I did all I could to console her but she couldn’t stop crying” Francis explained. Ellen laughed.

“You do remember a lot about us. I remember you now. You were already grown up back then. Marbella left when she was just five years” Ellen said.

“Yes. And I left three years after Marbella had gone” Jamie remembered.

“What made you leave Jamie?” Ellen asked.

“I left when my parents died in a car accident,” Jamie said and Ellen felt sorry for him.

“Oh no! I am sorry for reminding you of such incident” Ellen apologised.

“No problem Ellen,” Jamie said.

“Guess what? We all including Marbella will make good friends because we have some things in common. We met in childhood and each of us has lost a parent or parents. And we can console one another too. Marbella’s mum died during her birth” Ellen said.

Marbella’s car arrived and Ellen was happy.

“She’s here!” Ellen said excitedly. Marbella came out from her car. She was on the sunshade. Jamie and Francis didn’t seem to recognize her until she removed the sunshade.

“Welcome Marbella. Here are my friends, Jamie and Francis” Ellen introduced. Jamie and Francis were shocked to see Marbella’s face. Marbella also stared at them, seeming a little confused. She tried to remember where she had once met them. She recalled how she slapped Jamie, and how Francis tried scaring her. Francis remembered how she accused him and Jamie of stalking her. He frowned in disgust. Ellen looked at them in confusion.

“What’s going on Marbella? Ellen asked curiously.

“It is nothing” Marbella answered and then brought her hand to Jamie for a handshake. Jamie shook hands with her but Francis refused to do so. Ellen was surprised.

“Ellen, I have met the two before. Remember when you showed me a picture of Jamie and I told you that my first meeting with him didn’t go well” Marbella said. Ellen didn’t know what to say.

“I wanted you to relate well with my friends. I am surprised to see the misunderstanding” Ellen said to Marbella.

“Jamie, Ellen, meet me in the car,” Francis said and then left. Marbella came closer to Jamie.

“I am sorry” she apologized.

“It is okay. I don’t like bearing grudges. Especially when it comes to beautiful girls like you” Jamie said and Marbella smiled. Ellen also smiled. Francis was getting impatient waiting for Jamie and Ellen.

A few minutes later, Ellen was with Francis and Jamie. Marbella had already left.

“Marbella left because of your cold attitude towards her. Couldn’t you just be nice to her bro?” Jamie asked.

“Well, the girl is ill-mannered. Don’t blame me for that” Francis said.

“But that happened some time ago,” Jamie said.

“That’s not my problem. Even her appearance irritates me. She looks so arrogant. To summarize her, she is a spoilt brat who would never be good for a wife let alone a mother” Francis said. Ellen frowned.

“That is not fair Francis. Whatever Marbella has done, she’s still a good person. You are yet to see that” Ellen defended. Francis came closer to Ellen.

“Ellen, I am sorry if I don’t agree with you now. But I see Marbella as a very disrespectful girl who does not value correction or any other person’s opinion regarding her. I have met her type before. That’s why I suggest you leave that girl” Francis said.

  “But why would I leave Marbella? Ellen asked.

“That’s because she’s a bad influence. I don’t want you to become like her. That girl must be leaving a dirty life! Francis said. Ellen became angry.

“Do not insult my friend. She is not that bad. Even Jamie has accepted her. And why are you so bothered about the friends I keep. It is my decision if I decide to keep Marbella as my friend.

“I care about you, Ellen. Even if you want to keep her, I would advise you to be careful. Girls of her kind have lost their dignity” Francis said and Ellen further got irritated.

“That’s enough Francis! As I said, it is my life. I don’t need your opinion regarding my friendship with Marbella. And I hate men who judge women without knowing much about them. If you still want to be my friend, kindly desist from insulting Marbella” Ellen said. Jamie just looked on.

“Are you fighting with me for that Marbella?” Francis asked.

“Yes! And if there’s anybody I don’t need in my life, it is you “Ellen said and Francis felt hurt.

“Ellen? So should I leave?” Francis asked.

“Yes,” Ellen said angrily. Francis went back to his car while Jamie was surprised at the outcome of Marbella’s appearance.

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