Dynamic Love episode twelve

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Francis frowned.

“Sorry? Francis asked.

“You heard me, man. Just because I am not Ellen, does not mean you should frown when you see me. Look, I am a cheerful and free girl. Bearing grudges have never been my thing. And you are a man. You are not supposed to keep malice with a free girl like me” Marbella said. Francis turned to Ellen.

“Ellen, let me go get the takeaway. I have a lot of work today” Francis said, ignoring Marbella. Ellen nodded and Francis left the girls.

“Let’s go, Ellen. You’ve finally met your friend. Are you happy? Marbella asked Ellen. Ellen nodded, smiling.

“Francis appeared happy with me. He is not even angry. I wish to meet him soon” Ellen said happily. She and Marbella entered the car and zoomed off.

Ellen was in her house, telling her mother what had happened.

“Mum, Francis is not angry with me! He spoke to me as usual. I am so happy! Ellen exclaimed happily.

“That’s why Francis is a good man. Even after how you spoke to him the previous time, he still values you the way he has been doing” Marie said.

“Mum, I have a request; I want to meet Francis today. I just want to spend time with him. I’ve really missed him” Ellen said. Marie smiled.

“No problem. As long as it is Francis, I wouldn’t even be bothered if you return late” Marie said and Ellen hugged her.

“I love you mum. You always stand by me” Ellen said.

“I love you too Ellen,” Marie said.

When they released each other, Ellen received a call from a strange number. She answered the call and it was Jamie.

“Hello? Who’s on the line, please? Ellen asked.

“Ellen, it is Jamie,” Jamie said from outside Ellen’s house. Ellen was happy.

“Wow, Jamie! How are you? Ellen asked.

“Just come outside. You will find out if I am fine or not” Jamie said and Ellen quickly ran outside. Marie smiled.

“I have a feeling that Marie will be the child that will make me proud. Elena and her brother really disappointed me, but Ellen remains the best” Marie said happily.

Ellen met Jamie outside with a bike.

“Wow Jamie, you have a new bike? Ellen asked.

“Yes. I got it last week” Jamie said, smiling.

“I just came to check on you. Do you want to go out? Jamie asked.

“Yes. I wanted to see Francis. Do you know if he’s home already? Ellen asked and Jamie nodded.

“He returned before I came out,” Jamie said.

“Will you take me to your house? Ellen asked.

“sure” Jamie answered.

Ellen and Jamie arrived at Francis’ residence. They walked into the sitting room. Ellen was surprised to see that Francis had a female visitor.

“Good evening” Ellen greeted.

“Good evening” the young lady greeted. Francis just waved.

Jamie made Ellen sit. Francis and the young lady seemed to be talking business.

“I think they are just talking business,” Ellen said in her mind. Jamie excused himself to use the bathroom. Ellen sat, going through photos on her phone. A few minutes later, Francis and the lady were about to leave. Jamie walked in. he had changed his clothes.

“Jamie, take care. I have something to do urgently” Francis said and then left. Jamie nodded and ellen seemed disappointed. Francis left and Jamie served ellen some drink. He began to talk with her after which they agreed to play a game together.

A few minutes later, Ellen looked at the clock and was shocked to see that it was nine o clock and Francis was not back yet.

“Jamie, I should be going now. It is already very late” Ellen said.

“Okay. I will ride you home” Jamie said.

“Oh no! Why has Francis not returned yet? I came here just for him, but I couldn’t even get the chance to talk to him” Ellen said in her mind, disappointed.

At night, Ellen was in her room, still thinking about Francis.

“I will meet Francis tomorrow. I have missed the days we talked alone” Ellen said in her mind. She received a message from Marbella who was in her room, chatting.

“Hey, babe? Seems like you are still awake” Marbella said. ellen saw the text and then smiled.

 “Yes. And why are you awake? Ellen replied.

“Was chatting with an old friend” Marbella replied.

“I was just in thought so I couldn’t sleep. Have you ever missed a guy? Ellen asked.

“Huh? Maybe I have. Your question sounds strange. Tell me, what’s going on? Marbella asked.

“Don’t worry. I’ve become sleepy. We will talk tomorrow” Ellen replied.

The next day, Ellen was in the stall with her mother.

“mum, I would be going now,” Ellen said and Marie nodded.

“bye mum” ellen said.

“bye ellen. Be safe” Marie said as ellen left.

Ellen was with Marbella at a fast-food restaurant. They were eating ice cream. Marbella was narrating an event to ellen.

“Ellen, I attended a night party a night before yesterday. It was fun, but not until saw rascals came to show themselves” Marbella said and Ellen’s eyes widened, interested to know what happened next.

“Well, two idiots came drunk. One of them attacked me and the other attacked my friend Olivia. Trust me Marbella. I don’t tolerate nonsense. I nodded him on his mouth which started bleeding. Olivia seemed weak and scared to fight, so I came pulled the man misbehaving with her, and kicked him where the sun does not shine. The other one came to fight me again but this time, my friends joined hands and dealt with the two men. We created a scene and caught everyone’s attention. It was fun though” Marbella narrated and ellen was surprised.

“Marbella that was a very big risk. Why did you have to attend such parties? Ellen asked.

“I am old enough, am I not? Marbella defended.

“But what if something dangerous had happened to you? Ellen asked.

“Ellen, if you do not risk it, how would you know how it feels. Come on babe. My friends and I are adventurers. Nothing bad happens to us as long as we are together” Marbella said and Ellen shrugged. Suddenly, Ellen’s face changed. Marbella noticed it. She followed Ellen’s eye gaze. It was Francis.

“Does this man always have to meet us together? Marbella asked. To her surprise, Ellen stood up and walked up to Francis. Francis was surprised to see her.

“Ellen you are here too? Francis asked. Ellen nodded, smiling. Before she could saw a word, Francis talked.

“Excuse me, Ellen. I have to go back to work in few minutes, so I need to hurry up” Francis said and left Ellen. Ellen frowned. She was once again disappointed.

In the evening, Ellen was walking on the road alone.

“Marbella has gone shopping with her friends. Am bored and alone now. I’ve tried calling Francis but he’s still not picking up” Ellen said, worried.

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“Maybe he’s still at his workplace,” Ellen said.

It was already 6 pm and Ellen was in her room, still thinking about Francis. She had dialled his number numerous times but there was still no response.

“seems like Francis is ignoring me on purpose. He does not want to talk to me because of how I accused him some days ago. But he acted like he has forgiven me already. He gave me the impression that he has forgotten all that. Why then does he have to punish me like this? Ellen asked herself. She was already close to tears.

A few minutes later, Ellen became sleepy. Her eyes were about to close when she heard a knock on the sitting-room door. She rushed out and opened the door.

“Welcome mother,” she said but paused in surprise. It was Francis standing in front of her with his usual smile. She immediately hugged him so tight, crying softly. Francis was shocked and confused as he didn’t expect such a reaction. He began patting her back, consoling her. When Ellen was able to control herself, she released Francis from the hug.

“Ellen, I received a lot of calls from you. Did anyone hurt you again? Francis asked.

“I want you to stay away from me! You will do that right? Ellen asked and Francis was shocked.

“Yes! Once I say it, you would be willing to do it. You always take everything I say so seriously. I thought you had forgotten everything, but you have proven that you still remember everything I said to you” Ellen said. Francis appeared confused.

“What are you saying, Ellen? I am confused” Francis said.

“Don’t act like you do not know what I am talking about. I admit I was wrong by accusing you. I was wrong by forcing you to leave me alone. But you were wrong by pretending you are not angry with me. You would have told me that you are upset. I was ready to apologise a thousand times” Ellen said emotionally.

“hold on ellen” Francis tried to talk but ellen cut in.

“I am not done talking Francis! You stayed away from me for more than five days, but you didn’t even feel the pain I felt. I tried coming close to you yesterday, but you just ignored me. I gave you countless missed calls” ellen complained.

“I was busy ellen,” Francis said.

“you were too busy that you couldn’t spare a minute and talk to me? just because I accused you? Ellen asked and Francis was silent. She came closer to Francis and held his arms. This surprised Francis. Tears rolled from ellen’s eyes and Francis was very much concerned.

“Don’t ever leave or forget me even if I force you to. Don’t ever make me this worried about you. Don’t ever hurt me by not picking my calls. You’ve made me miss you a lot. Don’t do that again because I will feel like going crazy. I love you, Francis! Ellen confessed and Francis was surprised.

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