dynamic love

Dynamic love episode three

In the mall, Francis was done buying what he wanted to. Ellen was just standing and starring.

“Gosh! I’ve never been here before. Just decided to try shop here today. It’s so huge and I can’t even figure out where I can get what I am looking for. I think I would rather ask a customer instead of a worker” she said in her mind. Francis was about leaving the mall. Ellen saw him coming.

“Oh! He’s dressed like a gentleman. I should ask him” Ellen said in her mind.

Meanwhile, Francis was still angry over the incident between him and the reckless driver.

“Excuse me, Sir. I want to ask where I can find………. Ellen tried to ask but Francis passed her.

“Excuse me” she tried to be louder then Francis stopped.

“Leave me alone,” he said sternly. This shocked Ellen. Francis received a message through his phone which he stood there to check.

“Hmm. I have never seen gentlemen this grumpy. He cannot even be polite to a woman” Ellen murmured looking at Francis. Francis faced her.

“I heard you. If you cannot come here without making an unnecessary enquiry, why didn’t you come with someone who knows better? Francis asked. Ellen became angry.

“Hey! What’s wrong with you? I just wanted to ask a question. I didn’t try robbing you of your knowledge. And besides, refusing to help others does not show any form of decency” Ellen argued.

“Then allow your decency to lead you all through the mall. Good luck” Francis said and turned to leave but Ellen stopped him. What Francis said pained Ellen.

“Wait! I pity the woman you would pick interest in because you are not man enough to tolerate a woman” Ellen said and left Francis who stood and thought about what Ellen said.

In the evening, Francis and Jamie were at a cafe stand, waiting for Francis’ friend to come.

“Bro, it is taking too long and he’s not arrived yet,” Jamie said.

“Let’s just be patient,” Francis said.

Marbella entered the same cafe. Jamie immediately spotted her.

“This witch again! Is she now everywhere? Jamie said aloud. Francis stared at him, confused.

“Hold on Jamie. What’s wrong with you? Francis asked.

“I don’t want the girl over there to notice me,” Jamie said pointing at Marbella. Francis looked at Marbella and then looked back at Francis.

“Oh! It’s obvious that you’ve been slapped by her” Francis said.

“No bro, hers was exceptional. She threw me off balance with her action. She’s wild and crazy” Jamie said.

“That I can see,” Francis said, looking at Marbella’s dressing. He received a phone call and then answered it.


After some seconds, the call ended. Francis turned to Jamie.

“Change of plans. Let’s leave this place” Francis said. They were walking towards Francis’ car. Marbella was also coming towards the same direction her car was parked. Francis and Jamie came face to face with Marbella.

“Oh! You again? Marbella asked.

Jamie was speechless while Francis frowned.

“You are after me again, huh? Want some more? And this time, you brought a backup with you, right? Marbella said, pointing at Francis.

“Did you forget to tell your backup that he could get slapped? Marbella asked. Francis couldn’t take it anymore.

“Excuse me. Let me hope you are not dragging me into this” Francis said. Marbella widened her eyes in surprise.

“Are there more than two men here? Yes! I talked about you too. Or, don’t out chase after women? Do you rather chase after your fellow males? Marbella asked and Francis frowned in disgust.

“You didn’t tell me you are a bi-sexual” Marbella said to Jamie.

“I think that’s enough! Francis said and got very close to Marbella. Marbella’s eyes widened as she examined his huge muscles and biceps. She didn’t say any other word.

Jamie and Francis were in the car.

“What power do you have Francis? You just made the girl speechless. I thought no one could give her orders” Jamie said.

“I just hate the girl. She’s completely spoilt and ill-mannered. She couldn’t control her tongue” Francis said, angrily.

In Marbella’s house at 11:00 pm, Marbella arrived home. Her aunt came to scold her, but she quickly waved her off.

“Aunty, you have always refused to keep off matters concerning my dad and me. I don’t know what you want to gain from my dad. I am pretty sure that my dad is asleep now. Therefore, I don’t need your ranting this night. I am already sleepy. Time to get some sleep” Marbella said and walked off to her room.

“Marbella!” Her aunt yelled in anger.

“Someday, Marbella will surely learn how to swallow her pride. I am waiting for the right time” her aunt said.

The next day, Marbella and Ellen were hanging out at the beach.

“Marbella, do you remember Jamie, a former neighbour too? Ellen asked.

“No. But I’ve heard that name recently” Marbella said. Ellen showed her Jamie’s picture. Marbella’s eyes bulged in shock.

“This is the same guy,” Marbella said.

Ellen stared at Marbella curiously.

“The same guy? What happened to him? Ellen asked.

“I’ve met him twice. And our meetings weren’t good at all. He tried flirting with me and using degrading words on me. I reacted harshly” Marbella said.

“Well, the Jamie I know can do that, but he will surely apologize as soon as he realized that you don’t like it,” Ellen said and Marbella was in thought.

Jamie was in a fast-food restaurant with Francis. Ellen came in, trying to spot where Jamie was sitting. Jamie waved and then she came closer and sat on the vacant seat.

“Ellen, here’s my cousin Francis. Do you remember him? Jamie asked. Francis and Ellen stared at each other in surprise as they remembered their first encounter.

“Do you? Jamie asked.

“Uh, No” Ellen struggled to answer.

“He used to come to visit and play with us too” Jamie tried to remind Ellen who was still lost.

“What are you thinking? Jamie asked.

“Well, I was just imagining how God creates siblings and cousins so differently. One is nice and the other is so grumpy” Ellen said. Jamie stared at her in confusion.

“I’m I the grumpy one? Jamie asked.

“No. Don’t worry. I was just joking” Ellen said. Ellen was avoiding eye contact with Francis who was staring at her.

“Hey! You two haven’t greeted. Is there something wrong? Jamie asked.

“Hello, Ellen. Nice to meet you” Francis greeted warmly. Ellen raised her brows.

“Wow! So he can act nice? Such people” Ellen said in her mind. Jamie was surprised that she ignored Francis.

“Ellen, this is unlike you. Why don’t you wanna talk to my brother? Jamie asked.

“Well, you should try to ask him. He was so hostile to me the day we met at the mall. I never wished to see him again, but suddenly, he turned out to be your cousin. Oh! Remembering what happened that day, it was so embarrassing” Ellen explained. Jamie gave Francis a surprised stare. Francis felt guilty.

“Look Ellen, I am sorry” Francis apologized. Ellen rolled her eyes.

“Whatever! He wouldn’t have apologized if he wasn’t pressurized by you” Ellen replied. Jamie shrugged his shoulders.

Jamie, Ellen and Francis had gone to watch a movie. When the movie was over, they were about to leave but then Jamie wanted to use a nearby cloakroom. Francis and Ellen were now left alone, in Francis’ car. Francis looked at Ellen, who was avoiding talking to him.

“Are you still upset with me? Francis asked in a caring tone. Ellen was just calm. She seemed to be softening up a bit.

“I am sorry. I don’t usually talk to women that way, but I was so angry that I don’t know what came over me. I hope you forgive me” Francis apologized. Ellen suddenly began to feel shy. She just nodded. She was almost blushing.

“Did I say something funny? Francis asked. Ellen blushed and shook her head.

“No. It’s just that it is my first time getting this angry with a guy and making one apologize to me this much. I don’t usually get this angry with guys. Also, maybe I have been overreacting since today. I am sorry too” Ellen apologized. Francis stretched his hand towards Ellen.


“Friends” Ellen and Francis shook hands.

“Uh-hum” someone cleared one’s throat on purpose. Ellen and Francis were distracted and they saw Jamie smiling at them.

“The cloakroom excuse worked. I can see how effective it is” Jamie said teasingly. He winked at them and Ellen felt uncomfortable.

“That’s why girls slap you. You’ve refused to be sensible” Francis said to Jamie and Ellen laughed. Just then, Ellen’s phone rang. It was Marbella.

“Excuse me,” she said and then picked the call.

Marbella was in a spa, receiving beauty treatment.

“Hello, Ellen? Marbella greeted.

“Hi, Marbella. How are you? Ellen asked.

“I am fine. What about you? Marbella.

“I am fine too. I’ve been doing some work out at the gym today to keep fit. I have been busy but then I began to miss you so I decided to call and ask how you’re doing. Do you mind if we go out tonight? Marbella asked.

“Tonight. Oh no! That wouldn’t be okay. You know I am still under my mum and I don’t do things against what she taught me. Let’s rather see tomorrow” Ellen said and Marbella nodded.

“Yeah. That’s fine. No problem. Okay, baby girl, I will hang up now” Marbella said.

“Okay. Goodnight” Ellen said and the call ended.

“Hmm… You talk like you are still a kid Elena. Why do you need to avoid night outings that much? Jamie teased.

“That’s because I am still too young to break my mum’s heart. I can only do things my way once I get married” Ellen said and Francis nodded, seemingly agreeing with her.

“I support you. You are right” Francis said.

“Thank you”

“You are welcome,” Francis said.

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