dynamic love

Dynamic love episode two

Marbella and Ellen were in Marbella’s car after their explore.

“I missed Manila a little. And that’s because of my dad, some friends and even you. I am happy that I met you today” Marbella said. Ellen just smiled. Marbella’s pointer began to ring. She picked the call.

“Hello, Bob………. Really?………. Alright. Fine. I already wanted to break-up with you long before now because you are useless. So, can you please get the hell outta my phone! Marbella yelled and then hung up. Ellen stared at her curiously.

“That’s my boyfriend. I mean my ex-boyfriend now” Marbella said, smiling. This surprised Ellen.

“Are you okay Marbella? Ellen asked.

“Yeah. I am. Why? Marbella asked.

“You just broke up with your boyfriend,” Ellen said.

“Oh! I get it. Should I cry or feel bad? Marbella chuckled.

“Ellen, that’s too old fashioned. Some guys can be so boring that they need not be cried for. This guy whom I just broke up with is my second boyfriend. Throughout high school, I have been hanging out with different guys. It took me long before I decided to try focusing on having a real relationship. But to me, the guys I’ve tried are all like garbage. Hopefully, I will find another handsome guy to flirt with here in Manila! And of course, I get whatever I want” Marbella said excitedly. Ellen just stared at her.

“Hmm. I like Marbella, but it is obvious that she’s grown up as a spoilt brat” Ellen said in her mind.

At night in Ellen’s room, she was chatting online. She received a message from Jamie.

“Hello pretty”

She stared at the message for some seconds, smiled and then began to type her reply.

“Hi handsome”

She waited for a response and it came.

“How’s your night?

“My night is going well. And yours? Ellen asked.

“As long as I am chatting with you, all is well”

Ellen blushed.

“Okay,” she replied.

“So how do you feel now that we are chatting? Jamie asked.

“Happy” Ellen replied.

“Just happy or rather ho………. Remember, it is a cold night. Our chatting should spark some other feelings” Jamie said. Ellen’s eyebrows came down.

“I don’t get you” Ellen replied.

“Okay forget what I said. What are you dressed in? Jamie asked. Ellen’s eyes widened.

“In my nightwear” Ellen replied.

“Which type? Pyjamas or lingerie?

Ellen frowned a little and typed.


“Oh! Not bad. Let’s engage in a video call. I would love to see you tonight” Jamie requested but Ellen frowned.

“I think this has reached its height,” Ellen said to herself and then typed.

“Sorry. I am sleepy” Ellen said and switched off her phone. She said her prayers and then went to sleep.

A few days later, Ellen was in the kitchen working. She received a call from Marbella. She smiled and picked the call.


Marbella was in her furnished room.

“Hello Ellen, good morning. How are you?

“I am fine Marbella. And you? Ellen asked.

“I am fine. In fact, I am very happy” Marbella replied.

“Wow! What’s with happiness? Ellen asked.

“I have a new boyfriend now. He was my childhood friend. He’s so cute” Marbella said happily. Ellen smiled, shaking her head.

“So fast? Marbella, take life easy! Ellen said.

“One does not come to this life twice. Enjoy it once you have it” Marbella said.

“Okay. Happy newfound relationship” Ellen said.

“Thank you! Marbella replied.

Ellen was returning from the market trying to get a taxi when she coincidentally met Jamie again.

“Hey! Wow! Why do we have to meet here only? Jamie asked. Ellen just gave a faint smile.

“I want to talk to you about something Jamie” Ellen requested.

“Yes, dear. I am all ears” Jamie said, smiling

“About the chat, we heard yesterday, I am not comfortable with it. I just tried my best to play along with you without showing my anger. I don’t entertain such dirty chat from any other man, but I endured yours for some reason. I love my self-respect and discipline. And please, I don’t want such to ever happen again” Ellen said. Jamie felt guilty.

“I am sorry. It surely won’t happen again” Jamie assured.

“But that does not mean that we wouldn’t remain friends,” Ellen said in a soft tone.

“Of course we are still friends” Jamie smiled and hugged Ellen.

At night in Marbella’s room, Marbella was in thought.

She remembered how she slapped a guy hard on his cheek, such that he lost balance and fell. He was in shock for some seconds until he stood up. His hand supporting his cheek.

“You slapped me Marbella? He asked and Marbella remained silent with a mean face.

Marbella thought about that incident, She then raised her glass of juice and gulped it down to relieve her of stress.

In a mall, Marbella was seen buying a lot of things with a shopping cart. She was acting so bold by talking so loudly on a video call with her friends. This caused some people to begin staring at her. She started taking pictures too. Jamie was also in the same mall doing his shopping. Marbella spotted Jamie and began staring at him.

“Another handsome guy in Manila,” Marbella said to herself.

“I think I should take a shot,” Marbella said, smiling. She set her phone to click a photo of Jamie. Jamie noticed it and then stared at her and the photo was clicked. Jamie was surprised. He came closer to Marbella.

“Hello? He greeted.

“Hi? Marbella greeted, shy that she had been caught taking Jamie’s picture.

“You shouldn’t be doing that behind me. You should have asked for it” Jamie said in a sexy tone. Marbella blushed.

“I am Jamie. What’s your name? Jamie asked.

“I am Marbella”

“What a beautiful name for a pretty lady! Jamie flattered and Marbella blushed.

“You were admiring me. Maybe we should exchange contact. I love meeting sluts like you” Jamie said. Marbella’s eyebrows came down and her face tightened. Jamie was surprised with a sound slap on his left cheek from Marbella. Jamie placed his palm on his cheek in shock.

“How dare you use such words on me? Just because I played along doesn’t mean you should go to such an extent! I may be spoiled as people say, but I have some self-respect” Marbella yelled. This attracted other people’s attention as it created a scene.

Marbella slapped Jamie on the right cheek.

“This one is for the next time you would want to make such mistake again,” Marbella said and pushed her cart along with her. Jamie stood there, embarrassed and shocked, while some others stood, gossiping.

In Ellen’s residence, Elena was seen with some packed bags. She tied her hair to a bun and then began carrying her things out of the room. Ellen who was at the balcony with some peas in a tray, saw Elena leaving. The tray fell off her hand and she rushed to Elena.

“Elena where are you going? Ellen asked.

“I am leaving Ellen. I cannot stay here any longer” Elena said, shocking Ellen.

“Mum! Please come” Ellen called. Marie came out immediately.

“What’s going on here? Marie asked.

“I am leaving mum. I don’t belong here. I deserve a better place where I can be heard” Elena said. Marie’s eyes widened on hearing what Elena had said.

“Please Elena, just tell me that you’re joking. Don’t play such jokes now” Marie requested.

“Do I look like I ever joke here? Elena yelled in a harsh tone.

“Elena, I know I wronged you when I spoke harshly. But please, forgive me, Elena. I love you and don’t want you to go away” Marie begged.

“Elena, if you leave now, where else are you going to stay? We are your family and we should be together” Ellen added.

“All your narration wouldn’t change my decision. My mind is already made up. And do not worry about him. I surely connected to friends who will accommodate me. And yes, I don’t need your interference in my matters so do not bother trying to know who I am staying with. I want to find greener pastures” Elena said rudely. She turned to leave but Marie rushed to stop her. Elena pushed Marie who landed on the floor. This shocked both Marie and Ellen. Ellen helped Marie up. She stared at Elena in anger.

“So, you have got to this extent? I doubt that we were given birth to on the same day because you give me unpleasant surprises every day! Ellen yelled. Elena rolled her eyes.

“You will surely regret what you’re doing and the day you would want to return, it would have been too late for you to do so. Now, who’s stopping you! Ellen yelled. Elena rolled her eyes.

“So pathetic! Elena said and left.

Marie and Ellen stared at each other in tears. They hugged each other.

Francis was driving on a desolate road. A reckless driver was coming towards him with speed and they slightly collided even though Francis took caution to avoid the car. Francis got out of his car. He noticed that his light glass had been damaged. This got him angry. The careless driver came out too.

“Aren’t you gonna move out of the way? The driver asked.

“Really? Aren’t you going to see the damage you caused? Francis asked, pointing to his car.

“Oh! It was an accident. We both caused it” The driver defended.

“Really? You’re just getting on my nerves man” Francis said, angrily.

“And what are you gonna do about it? The man challenged. Before he could realize it, Francis had thrown him to the ground but restrained himself from acting any further. He just entered his car and drove off leaving the man still scared.

“He’s so short-tempered,” the man said, getting up from the ground.

Francis came to a shop and Ellen followed.

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