dynamic love

Dynamic Love

In a romantic setting, twenty-one-year-old Ellen was standing while a man was kneeling in front of her, showing her a flower.

“Ellen, I Love you. Will you be my girl? He asked romantically. Ellen blushed, thinking of what to say. She was suddenly distracted by some sound. It turned out to be that she was only dreaming.

Ellen quickly got out from bed, rubbing her eyes weakly. Her tall slim body was clothed in pyjamas. She had straight black hair. Music was played in the background.

“What a dream? I have never had such before. I’ve not even had a crush before. Then why would I be dreaming of a boyfriend? Ellen asked herself, confused.

Ellen stared at the wall clock and her eyes widened.

“Oh no! I have overslept. It’s eight o clock and I just got outta bed? What was I doing last night? She asked herself, trying to recall. She suddenly jumped in excitement.

“Yeah! Someone important is coming to The Philippines! Ellen exclaimed happily. She quickly left the room.

In a furnished apartment, a 30-year-old man was getting ready for work. He looked very handsome with a little number of beards under his jaw. His tall muscular body was fit in the suit. His phone began to ring. He stared at the screen and saw that it was his mother who was calling. He smiled and picked the call.

“Hello Mum,” He said.

“Francis, how are you doing? His mother asked.

“I am doing fine mum. How about you?

“I am okay. I just wanted to hear from you” His mother said.

“Don’t worry about me mum. I am alright. I took good care of myself and the ailment didn’t persist” Francis assured.

“How’s my big brother and his family? Francis asked.

“We all are fine. It’s only that his wife has become very lazy after putting to bed” his mother joked.

Francis chuckled.

“Mum, that’s funny,” Francis said.

“Okay. Take care” His mother said.

“Take care of yourself too,” Francis said and the call was ended. As soon as the call ended, another young man of 24 walked in. He was on a call. He was handsome and dressed casually.

“Babes, let’s meet at Antonio Bar………. Yeah………. I will hang up now” He said, smiling sheepishly. Francis had been starring at him.

“Jamie, When will you ever grow up? Francis asked mockingly.

“Bro, don’t worry about me. I am enjoying my youthful age” Jamie said and winked at Francis who smiled, shaking his head.

“I would be leaving for work. Ensure you stay out of trouble. And please, don’t get slapped again today” Francis said, adjusting his tie and picking up his bag. Jamie smiled.

“You’re the best

 cousin brother in the world. So caring” Jamie complimented.

“I am not caring. I just don’t want your face to get scars at your youthful age. Wait till you are in your forties” Francis said sarcastically and left. Jamie frowned a little.

Ellen came into the balcony. Her twin Elena was at the balcony, brushing her nails. They were identical except for the scar that Elena had on her left cheek which gave her face a slightly different shape from Ellen’s.

Ellen stood beside Elena, smiling. Elena noticed Ellen’s smile and paused brushing her nails.

“Why the smile? Elena asked.

“Well, our former neighbour will soon return from London to The Philippines. Elena, do you remember Marbella, the girl whose father had built a mansion which made them leave this neighbourhood years ago? Ellen asked. Elena rolled her eyes.

“Firstly, of what importance is this girl to my life? Kindly speak of celebrities or people whom I can hook up with” Elena said harshly.

“Aside from that, let me revive your lost memory. Have you forgotten that I didn’t grow up here? I spent half of my years in our relative’s place. My life was better off until I was forced to return to this forsaken house. I wonder what I am still doing here? I’ve grown up and now I should start making plans on how to leave this house” Elena blurted out. Ellen became speechless. Maria, the twins’ mother walked up to them. She stared at Elena sternly.

“Yes! You are grown up! You have your decisions to make. No one is stopping you. Honestly, I am so fed up with your complaints. How many times will you complain and try to make us look like we are depriving you of your rights? I have always tried my best for you but you’re going too far Elena” Marie scolded. Elena rolled her eyes.

“Yes! I have every right to complain. I kept quiet for many years since I was brought back to this house, but now I can’t anymore” Elena said rudely.

“Really? I let you live with my relatives because of your health. I sacrificed my happiness for your sake and now you keep hurting my feelings? Now I don’t care if you want to live on the streets. Go to hell! Maria blurted in anger. Both Ellen and Elena were shocked.

In an airport, a plane dropped. A tall, curvy and beautiful 20-year-old girl was seen with her luggage. She was dressed in a designer jumpsuit.

“Manila, here I come. Hope I have been missed” she said and smiled broadly, pulling her box along with her. In Antonio Bar, Jamie was on a table with a

girl. Drinks were in front of them and he was talking. “You look very pretty. All men will have their necks hurt while turning to look at you” Jamie complimented. The girl blushed and then she received a call.

“Hello? Do you want to see my date? Find me, I am waving” She said. In a minute, another girl came in front of their table. Both she and Jamie were surprised to see each other. “Joan, is he the guy you were talking about? She asked.

“Yeah” Joan replied. Jamie bent his head in guilt. “Oh no! I don’t want to get slapped today” Jamie said in his mind. “But this is the same guy who professed

love to me yesterday” Joan’s facial expression changed. “So what do you have to say about this? Joan turned to ask Jamie but he had disappeared.

“Where is he? Joan asked in shock. Ellen had gone to the market to buy a few

things. She was trying to get a cab that would take her home. Someone caused her bag to fall and the items poured on the ground. “Hey! See what you’ve done” Ellen said, but the man ignored her and started walking away.

“Hey! Can you not apologize? Ellen yelled. Jamie had been standing somewhere close to Ellen. “How can such men exist? I should teach

him a lesson” Jamie said in disgust. He quickly went to the man and stopped him. He pulled the man closer to Ellen, holding his hand tight. The man’s eyes widened. Ellen was surprised. “Who are you? The man asked. “Silly, you should learn manners. Now apologize to the young lady” Jamie ordered.

“Let me go! The man struggled to free himself, but Jamie’s grip was stronger.

“Okay, I am sorry. Let me go! He blurted. “At least that’s better. You can get lost” Jamie said. The man left and then Jamie helped a surprise Ellen pick her things. “Thanks a lot! Ellen said. “Don’t mention” Jamie replied. He wanted to

leave but he paused and then took a closer look at Ellen.

“Sorry, but may I know your name? He asked. “I am Ellen. Why? She asked.

“You live in San Paolo neighbourhood, right? Jamie asked and Ellen nodded in surprise. “We were once neighbours. I am Jamie. I once lived in San Paolo neighbourhood. Remember when we used to play hide and seek as kids? Jamie described excitedly. Ellen recalled Jamie and then hugged him excitedly. He hugged her too. They released each other. “I finally meet you again. It’s been quite a long time Jamie” Ellen said happily. “Besides that, may I get your phone

number? Jamie asked. “Of course” Ellen nodded. Jamie gave her his phone and she inputs her phone number and saved. She handed back the phone to

Jamie. “Okay Jamie, I have to go now. My mum would be waiting” Ellen said.

“No problem. I will definitely call” Jamie said. “Goodbye”

“Take care”.

The next day, Ellen was standing close to a cafe. She seemed to be waiting for

someone. She checked her wristwatch. “She said she would be here in five minutes. Five minutes have gone and yet she is not still available” Ellen said. A car stopped in front of her. The door opened and it was Marbella, looking gorgeous. Ellen’s eyes widened and her lips formed the O shape.

Marbella quickly threw herself on Ellen and they hugged for some seconds before they released each other.

“Wow! Marbella, you look very beautiful! Ellen exclaimed.

“Thank you. And you too. You look taller and even more beautiful” Marbella


“Thanks! I’ve been very curious to see you. It’s nice meeting you again, Marbella. London was nice on you” Ellen said.

Marbella chuckled.

“I am very glad that I’ve found you again. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I am back in the days of my childhood” Marbella said. Ellen wanted to say

something, but Marbella stopped her. “Before we continue talking, can we go for some sightseeing in my car? I want to explore Manila” Marbella requested.

“Of course” Ellen replied. They both entered the car and drove off.

In Ellen’s residence, Elena was sitting in her room, frowning. She stared at her phone, seemingly frustrated.

“No one wants to call me. And here I am, left in this boring house. Worst of it all, my mother has declared that she does not want me again” Elena said in her mind. Maria was watching Elena from the door of the room.

“After what I said, I still feel guilty about that. I don’t know why Elena has turned out this way. I love her very much. That was why I gave her away for some years. She was in sound health over there, that’s why I had to sacrifice my happiness. God, why did Elena have to turn this way? Maria sadly asked in her mind.

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