Kate and the surprise client

“Ooops… Why the traffic jam now” Kate cursed. Meanwhile, she was fixing her hair and finishing her makeup, she lost the patience and opted to use a bodaboda instead. Just as she was stepping out of the taxi, a black Mercedes’s Benz was trying to overtake the taxi almost knocked her brains out.

Thank goodness it didn’t, Kate felt her heart pop out. The driver stopped suddenly but bumped into a pothole full of water, giving Kate a complete morning shower, the water drenched her. Leaving dirty ugly patches of stains on her off white cotton dress, shoes and unfortunately her face and hair too. The incident made Kate have a quick visit to hell, she felt dirty and worthless. The look at the stains made her heartache releasing tonnes and tonnes of anger and bitterness.

“What the f***?” She cursed though managed to swallow the last word. She could feel eyes on people in taxi windows on her body, the mummers and soft giggles killed her. In shock, she had thrown her bag aside that all her bag citizens spread all over the road. She begged that the land swallows her up.

She looked on, her mind was frozen.

“I’m so sorry!” The car driver said as he peeped to see what he had done.

“OMG!” He screamed on seeing the mess he had created, but the look on the victims face sent him in a mini comma. He gave the steering wheel a hard blow and cursed it. He took a deep breath of confidence and moved out of the car.

Everyone was murmuring, a few were laughing, and some were just starring. He hated it but swallowed hard.

“Miss, I’m so sorry” he begged as he handed her his hankie to clean herself.

To his surprise, the hankie was rejected, Kate gave him a look that even the devil can run away. Truthfully, the hankie could do nothing, nothing, Kate felt the stains drenching deep down on her body, to the heart and her soul. She wanted to beat the hell out of this careless driver but that could be an under punishment, she bit her lower lip hard, to control her anger.

All she could do was stare at him in a tornado of confusion.

“Ok! Let’s do this, let me take you to my sister’s boutique you get changed, trust me I didn’t intend to” the driver suggested as he bent to collect stuff that had fallen out of her bag.

“Here, get it, I will drive you there!” He said keeping his eyes down, he knew she must be boiling up in anger.

“No, thanks, I will just go home and get changed” Kate replied as she shook her head to dry her hair.

“Miss, I insist, it’s not that far, just there. It won’t take long” he tried to convince her.

“I will be fine” that’s all she said and walked off.

The driver followed her up preaching his idea.

“I’m going to feel guilty for this all day, besides, it just here near, I’m so sorry, I was a dumb driver, but let me help here, please, don’t harden this”

Kate thought through and he was right, besides, she wasn’t sure if she had any ironed cloth at home.

“Easy” she replied as they headed towards the car.

“I’m sorry, I was just in a rush for something important, but I’m not a bad driver” he tried to explain himself. Kate just looked on, she knew if she opened her mouth the only venom would be out. He drove in silence, but Kate looked at him. He was smartly dressed in a navy blue well-ironed fitting pair of trousers, his sky blue shirt neatly tucked in, shoes shone in neatness, he wore a Rolex watch and a simple bracelet, on the other hand, his hair cut was fashionable but you still call it official. This was unusual, such a person to still be good-hearted and could respect women this much. Kate could help it but check his looks out. He wasn’t an “OMG! He’s a hunk!” Guy, nooooo he was an “okay” guy. But of course not ugly. His dark chocolate complexion, however, made him stand out, his spherical white eyes and long lashes made Kate give a little smile, his little lips and a sharp nose were just perfect.

Kate shook her head to remove the thoughts in her head.

“Anything wrong?” The driver inquired as he drove.

“Make it quick, I’m in a rush please” Kate reminded him.

“Fine! As you wish” the driver replied as he tried to make it faster.

“What’s your name?” Kate confidently asked.

“Oooooh…” The driver sounded.

“I’m just asking, I’m seated in a stranger’s car, at least I need to know” Kate replied as she checked on the time.

“I’m Kilian,” he said with a smile, he turned to her and popped the same question.

“Kate” she replied.

“Oooo nice name” Kilian replied, sending Kate in a basket of laughter.

“What? You’re laughing at me?” He inquired but Kate just laughed again.

“You’re such a liar, my name isn’t that nice, unlike yours” Kate replied at the end of her laugh.

“I’m serious, isn’t it Catherine in full, as in Kate, sounds nice to me” he tried to defend his answer.

“I’m allowed to laugh?” He asked her soon as he noticed silence crop up.

“At what?” She inquired.

“Let me laugh, I will explain later” he laughed off. Kate got confused the more and insisted he tells her.

“Don’t be mad at me, promise?” He said.

“Sure!” She agreed.

Kilian lowered the driving mirror for Kate to have a clear view of herself.

“Noooo… I look like a scarecrow, it’s all your fault” She screamed but Kilian handed her his hankie.

“Wipe the dirt off! Besides, here we are on Angel’s boutique and beauty parlour” he parked and opened for her the door. “Thanks” Kate forged a smile, the boutique was classy, she admired everything in it, they were her dream dresses.

“Come on Kate” Kilian’s voice woke her up from her world of admiration and fantasy.

“Ooooh… Yes!” She tried to collect up herself.

“Meet my sister, Angellah,” Kilian said as he drew his sister closer to him. The two were so alike, especially the eyes.

“Call, me Ellah” the lady drew her hand to give Kate a handshake.

“Better she calls you Error” Kilian joked.

The three burst into loud laughter, Kilian was full of jokes. He quickly jazzed his sister the entire story and why he had brought Kate with him.

“It’s okay, as long as its cash, I don’t mingle family with business!” Ella cautioned him.

“Don’t worry! He assured her. Ella called one of her workers who took Kate to the washroom to clean up herself, later she had to choose one dress from the two that were offered. It was one of the hardest decisions but she chose a v necked body-hugging floral dress, that was just at her knee level, simple quick makeup and her hair combed in a ponytail.

“Woooow… This is amazing. Thank you so much Ellah” she said giving her a big smile. Kate couldn’t wait to see Kilian’s reaction, she knew her new looks were angelic.

“Where’s Kilian! I need to say thank you!” She asked as she paced around for him.

“He’s gone!” That’s all Ellah said as she attended to a new client who had just walked in.

Kate felt her heart sink in, she wanted him to see her angelic look but he had left just like that. She turned to Ella.

“Thanks so much, I will have to come back as a client and bring my campus friends to you, you’re so kind”

“Ooooh… That’s great” Ellah sounded excited. Kate left and hurriedly got a bodaboda to meet her client, as they swayed off, she kept on checking in her bag for her phone but all in vain.

“Oooooh….No….!” She screamed in extreme shock.

“Don’t tell me, you lost your money miss” the bodaboda roared back.

“Nooo… I just can’t find my phone, what a hard day” she cursed as they approached the cafe.

Paying the cyclist, she paid extra to use his phone, she dialled Ruth, asked her to log into her email account and send her the details she needed, she then called the client who gave her the best news she wanted to hear.

“I’m sorry for making you over wait, I had to leave my car at the washing bay, these rains did me a disservice, I will be there in a few minutes.” The client sounded apologetic but it was all in Kate’s favour.

She gave him clear directions and descriptions of where to meet her.

Seated on, thanking God for always being there for her she rehearsed through her presentation, but she deeply missed her phone, her mind assured her, it got lost at the moment Kilian almost knocked her. It was a loss but at least he apologized and got her a new dress. To her, he was such a darling, such people are rare, she regretted not asking Ella for his number, but then that would have been too bold of her.

Just then she heard a familiar voice.

“Excuse me”

It was Kilian! What was he doing there? She wondered.

“Wait! What are you doing here?” Kilian asked as he paced around as if looking for someone.

“And you?” Kate replied.

“I’m here to meet someone, business stuff” he replied as he still checked up the cafe.

“Ok… Something wrong is happening here, I am here too to meet a client, I work for a global insurance company” Kate explained herself.

“What?” Kilian roared with surprise.

“What??? Aaarrrrh… So you think I’m lying?” She asked him.

“This isn’t real” that’s all he said. He pulled out his phone and made a call.

“Pick up pick up” he kept on murmuring. Kate was confused and so was Kilian.

“Help me with your phone,” Kate asked him.

“For?” He replied as he tried to call again.

“Want to check on my client, he should be here soon” she replied as she pulled out her notebook.

“Zero seven what…?” Kilian said implying she reads the number out.

“Zero seven zero two, seventy-six, forty-one, thirty….”

Before she could say any other number, Kilian thundered in shock.

“What!!!! That’s my number, thirty-four, right??” He couldn’t believe it.

“Yeah… Ooooooh… So you’re Mr Walusimbi Kilian?” Kate couldn’t believe it.

“Yeah… Though I use Kilian.

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