Kate barred from seeing Kilian

Everyone tried to explain to her, that Kilian’s dad was hurt, any parent would react the same way. It was hard for her, she wasn’t allowed to get closer to Kilian. Kilian’s dad was bitter, she hated it but it killed her day by day not being able to see Kilian.

“Ella, please, just a second, please….” She begged Ella to forge a way for her when her dad was unaware.

“It’s hard, my dad is bitter now, but I will try” she tried to console her.

Kate isolated herself, guilt was eating her up day by day, she prayed almost every second, asking God, not to double punish her. She always went to the hospital but still unlucky to see Kilian, she dodged his dad carefully. She got to leave as she was emotionally unfit to work. Seated on her bed, thinking about how life changes in just a second, her phone buzzed.

It was Ella, maybe she had gotten a chance to see Kilian.

“Hello, Ella, can I come?” She asked impatiently, hoping she says yes.

“He’s awake! My brother is back” Ella sounded with extreme joy.

Kate was speechless, tears of joy collected in her eyes, like a river they made their way out of her eyes.

“Oh my good lord” she managed to say. She left like a heavy load was taken off her shoulder. At least no one would ever consider her a murderer. All the guilt melted away and turned into happiness. Kate could hear the celebration at the hospital on phone. It was hard to believe, Kilian didn’t know how happy she was.

She quickly called Dorah who screamed and asked her to wait for her they go to the hospital together.

“My Kilian, my love” Kate sang with joy. The miracle had taken long but finally came.

“I remember being loud and clear, leave my son alone” Kilian’s dad’s attitude hadn’t changed even after Kilian’s recovery.

Kate dropped down on her knees.

“I didn’t intend sir, please believe me” she cried.

“Thank God he’s back, but still it doesn’t mean he’s back for” he added on. Ella came out with her mum.

“Dad, please” she begged her dad to let Kate in.

“Shut up! Go back inside” she commanded her. Kate noticed the fear everyone had for him. He was such a strict person.

“Don’t create a scene please” Kilian’s mum told her husband as she carefully led him inside. Kate peeped and saw Kilian who was also peeping to see her.

‘Kilian..!” she called him as she stretched her hand, Kilian did the same but his dad shut the door.

“Please leave, try to understand us, leave him alone, at least for now” Kilian’s mum added on, she entered to leaving them out.

“Nooo… ” Kate screamed, Dorah struggled to take her out of the hospital, people thought, maybe she had lost someone, she wailed back to the hostel.

“Thank God he’s fine now!” Dorah brought out the positivity in the situation.

“It hurts Dorah, my heart is aching, I have been crying all the time, no one is blaming Susan, she’s responsible for everything. I’m so hurt, I’m tired of everything, I hate myself, I just want to die” she said as she stared at her pale face in the mirror. Dorah felt bad watching her friend like that.

All the time, Kate’s efforts were fruitless, Kilian’s dad made it hard for the two to meet, Kilian was still weak to force it to happen. They once talked on the phone but Kate was just shading tears. Kilian told her everything will be fine. Kilian’s dad went ahead to proceed with the case, he didn’t care about what everyone said. How hard life was. Kilian was discharged, he was taken home, not to his apartment. The doctors gave him strict orders, to avoid stress, loud noises, watching horrors and alcohol. He was stable and ok.

Kilian insisted his dad withdraws the case from court, he just didn’t want to make things between him and Kate harder. Susan jubilated only to be told she had other cases to answer. Perjury and using the police for her selfish reasons. She cursed the day she fell in love with Kilian, she claimed that because of him, she had turned into a stupid desperate woman.

As time passed, Kate realized Kilian wasn’t doing much to stabilize their relationship, he acted distantly. It hurt her, she pleaded that they meet. Kilian agreed but surprisingly came with Ella. It was weird, she needed a “Kate-Kilian” moment. Ella saw the reaction on her face and excused herself, she got another seat and made herself busy on her phone.

Kate: thank you

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