Kate defends her love

Kate hit this female with all the anger buried in her heart. She hit her for not calling the ambulance, for being Kilian’s lover, for pulling her hair, she also beat her for Jeff’s heartbreak. Successfully she got the got, but the screen was broken, so it couldn’t function, but Kate noticed, the police number was still on, they hadn’t hung up. This stirred up the other female’s anger. Kate left her and turned to check on Kilian, she decided to go out and call for help. But the female held by the legs.

“You’re such a bitch, let him die, we both lose him. ” she cursed her as threw tough slaps on Kate’s face. Kate kicked her severally and managed to open the door, but it was the worst moment ever. The whole hostel residents had come following the police to see why it was there. She felt like drowning in a sea of shame. She was all covered with blood and sweat.

“Officer, save me when I called you, she tried to kill me too” the female came out first crying like a little kid, accusing Kate.

“She killed him, she killed my only true love, she killed my Kilian” she added on with a lot of drama and tears.

“Officer, please first save his life” Kate cried out loud to them.

“Don’t say anything!” The officer stopped Kate, Kilian’s lifeless body was carried to the police cabin and rushed to the hospital, the ambulance would have taken long to be there. Kate was taken to the police station. Tears just streamed down her eyes, and the other female wept, dramatically, accusing her of murder. How on earth was she going to survive this? Would Kilian, make it? She cried the more.

“God, why have you forsaken me?” She lamented.

Kate learnt that this female was Susan, Kilian’s ex, the one who left him, pregnant for someone else. Kate wondered, why, Kilian went back for her, yet she broke his heart. She looked on like a hungry zombie, listening to the fake story, Susan had for the police.

“He called me, saying he was about to do the biggest mistake in his life?” She started as she sneezed and pressed more tears out of her eyes.

“Which mistake?” The officer inquired as he recorded down in a file.

“To take Kate, to his family, he realized he still loved me that day” she added on. Kate wanted to jump to her and pinch off her large ugly lips. But the officer warned her to relax.

“I came and he proposed, we were so happy that we got drunk, and made love,” She said looking directly at Kate to see her reaction. Kate just bit her lower lip to stay calm.

“He sent her a text, telling her it was no more, I insisted, she comes and talks face to face” she coughed and burst into another bitter mourn.

“Kate came and just fought, she beat both of us up, Kilian protected me and pushed her out, she swore to commit suicide, if Kilian left her,” she told the officer.

“What? You liar, say the truth, you pulled my hair first” Kate roared back as she elongated her arm to pull her lips.

“See, officer, she wants to hit me again, she’s so strong and bitter,” Susan told the officer as she hid behind the officer.

“Madam, this is the Last warning” the officer was bitter now with Kate.

“Kilian asked me to stay, as he tries to talk to her to accept the truth, but I followed him because I feared she might do worse, when I reached her room, she was banging the flower vessel hitting his head. She was saying words” Susan lied.

“Which words, the officer asked curiously.

“That you’re either mine or mine, I rather kill you than share you with another woman” she lied to the officer.

Kate stood up to beat her but relaxed and yelled back.

“You’re such a liar, you evil Lucifer” she couldn’t believe it.

“That’s why I called you instead of the ambulance, cause according to what I saw, I knew he must be dead, but she tried to kill me that’s when you came in officer, you saved me from death, thanks officer” she cried the more.  Kate buried her face in her hands and knew she was doomed. She refused to make a statement, till she got a lawyer. She realized this had become tougher.

Just then Dorah came running like a mad dog, she was with her fiancée Richard, thank heavens, he was a successful lawyer.

“I’m sorry, Kate, if I were there in the room, all this couldn’t have happened, what happened dear?” She asked as she hugged her. They both cried bitterly.

Kate explained it all with truth but cried as she said how Susan had twisted the story.

“That’s dangerous because she’s a major witness” let’s go you make a statement, stick to your story, but emphasize it that both were heavily drunk.

It was tough for Kate, it all seemed like watching horror, but the police officer was already biased, as she had before been stubborn, fighting Susan. She was to sleepover, being a Friday, to work on her papers on Monday.

“I’m doomed!” Kate cried out as they led her into the cell. Susan left swinging her butts left and right, how rotten her heart was.

That night in the dark and cold cell was the worst in her life. She knew God had forsaken her. With a broken heart, she sobbed the entire night, the room was smelly and bed bugs made her body itch all over. She remembered a saying that prison is the earthly hell. She prayed and hoped Kilian wakes up and says the truth, she didn’t know what to believe, had Kilian proposed to Susan? She thought but it only caused her more headache. She didn’t know how, but the morning came.

“How’s Kilian?” Was the first question she asked Dorah who early morning had bribed an officer to see her friend.

“He’s in a coma, his brain is in sleep mode, he has failed to wake up,” Dorah said as she opened a lunch box to give Kate what to eat.

“Is it serious?” She asked ignoring the meal.

“I’m afraid it is, the doctor said he might lose his memory or remain asleep for good” Dorah gave Kate the news with tears in her eyes.

“But… The doctor said it wasn’t the wound only on the head that caused that, Kilian had an overdose of sleeping pills and a lot of hard liquor in his blood, it affected the brain cells too” Dorah added on.

“I knew it, Susan did all that?” Kate said with a lot of confidence.

“What?” Ella and Richard who had just arrived exclaimed in shock.

“Yes, she confessed that to me as we fought” Kate replied, she was terrified that Ellah too was on her side.

“Do you have any evidence?” Ella asked her bitterly.

“No… It was just us..” Kate replied weakly.

“Kate, Susan’s story sounds real,” Richard told her.

“Do you doubt me, you think I’m a murderer,” she asked all of them.

“No. We are with you, we know you can’t” Dorah and Richard assured her.

Ella just stared, “until I get the truth, I’m on no one’s side,” she left. Kate wept the more, Ella’s mistrust meant a lot.

Richard told Kate how he was preparing to take her case to court to make it quick, however, advised her to expect anything, not until Kilian wakes up. He still wondered if the police would take his information because the crime took place when he was not sober. Just then Kate recalled that the police phone was on as she fought Susan.

“Find the recording, it might help, she confessed a few things” she desperately told Richard.

“That’s promising! Let me deal with it” Richard promised.

“Time up… You know it’s illegal, leave before the supervisor comes” the officer announced and took away Kate. Dorah broke down as Richard promised to do all it takes to save her fiancé’s best friend.

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