Kate falls in love again

Yeah… Ooooooh… So you’re Mr Wanambisi Kilian?” Kate couldn’t believe it.

“Yeah… Though I use Ethan outside the business. So it’s you that I had to meet!” He asked.

“But where’s your phone, it’s ringing and you aren’t answering?” He added on.

Kate gave him a look that left him speechless.

“I lost it, that time when you almost knocked me” she replied nonchalantly as she opened a small file to start her presentation.

“Am sorry… But…I can…” Ethan stammered back.

“It’s okay, let’s first do this

“Now you’re Mr Wanambisi Jonathan and am Mokoli Catherine, let’s talk business and later, Ethan and Kate will sort out the issues of the lost phone” Kate replied as she set up her work.

In just a few minutes, they were already deep in the business conversation, Kate was good at it, she knew all the answers to every question he asked, she convinced him beyond doubt. He agreed with the terms and conditions and they scheduled a date on which to sign the contract. It was a success to Kate, only smiles were popping out of her cute little lips. In the end, she thanked him professionally and walked out.

“Kate” Ethan called her.

She stopped but didn’t turn, all she said was.

“You already fixed the mess, you got me a new dress, that’s enough, I will get another phone, I don’t want to mix my personal life with business”

Ethan walked up to her and brought her back to her seat.

Don’t say anything, just listen to me.

First of all thanks, I liked the business idea, secondly, congratulations, you made it, you convinced me to join your insurance company, thirdly, you are smart! I love the dress and everything.”

Kate wondered what “everything” meant, she lifted her eyes only to meet a gaze starring at her, she blinked a billion times and all she could say was “thanks “.

“You know what’s funny?” Ethan asked her.

“Aaanhaaaa… Tell me” she replied impatiently.

“My first sight at you….. You were like…..” He said but went silent fearing to say the last words.

“A scarecrow…mud all over me” Kate helped him finish that.

“Noooo… Not that, I saw your face fuming with rage and anger.” He confessed, Kate just gave out a peal of laughter.

“You know at that point, I thought you might turn into an anaconda and swallow me up” he added on and waited for her reaction. It was the most beautiful smile in his sight, but her deep dimples made it angelic. Seeing someone smile is beautiful, but watching her smile for him, and him being funny making her smile made him feel, he had made it in life.

“Haaaa…hahaha… True, I was angrier than never before.” She confessed too.

They had a Kate-Ethan wonderful moment, laughed, teased one another till Kate asked to leave to take the good news to Mr Keith. He drove her to the offices, Kate looked on as the car swayed away. They had agreed that Kate calls him as soon as she got a new phone, though Ethan wasn’t okay with her refusal to get her a new phone.

“What a day!” She exclaimed as she tip-tapped her shoes into the office building wearing a gigantic smile of confidence.

At work, she couldn’t wait to leave and tell her best friend everything. Mr Keith praised her for her success. Life was close to perfect.

“OMG! Kate, you’re telling lies” these were Dorah’s first words as soon as she heard the entire story.

“And you refused the phone? How dare you?” She added.

“Come on, I didn’t want to look needy, I will get a new one” Kate replied confidently. The two spent the next few hours discussing Ethan. To their surprise, Kate’s phone was right beside the bed. They both laughed so hard. Life was full of twists. Kate called Ethan to tell him she had found her phone, though he seemed busy and occupied. Three days past, Kate was still in a dilemma of whether to call Ethan or not.

Missing Kilian

She knew it was unprofessional but she didn’t know why she expected Ethan to have called at least. Her hope faded away slowly, just then her phone rang. Zillion tonnes of happiness filled her heart, she smiled at her best before picking up.

“Hello…” She picked.

“Hello Kate, it’s me, Ethan, remember me?” The caller replied. How couldn’t she remember, yet she yearned so hard to get a call from him.

“I do remember, how are you over there? She replied as smiles kept on blossoming on her beautiful face. Ethan was a funny person, they laughed and joked about their first encounter, reminded her how she looked like a scarecrow and turned into a beauty queen after the makeup. Kate enjoyed every bit of the phone call. It ended when she wished it never did.

As days passed, they texted frequently. It always left her happy, Ethan kept everything simple, and she always got a morning text from him, though sometimes attached with a love emoji. How deeply it charmed her. Kate went back to Ellah and bought a skirt just to keep her word.

“You’re lucky, or you met him in his good moods, Ethan is one “I don’t care person,” Ellah told her as she made her a receipt.

The statement sunk in Kate’s heart, she swallowed hard and popped her a question.

“Isn’t he friendly?”

“Not at all… His life is his work, full stop” she replied as she handed the receipt to her.

“Wait!” Ella asked with curiosity as she raised her eyebrows.

“Is there anything growing between you two?”

“Ooooh. No. absolutely nothing” Kate replied but Ella’s look told her she was lying to herself. She left but a voice echoed in her heart. Was it absolutely nothing, she honestly didn’t know. With time, Kate got comfortable with the way life was, but not with the late-night chats from Ethan, they made her sleep with a smile and wake up with the same.

“Heeeeeheeeeheee…Kate…get prepared?” Dorah once told her.

“For what?” She replied innocently.

“For…a….heart….conne…ction…” Dorah answered her boldly.

“Shaaaaa… Come on, it’s just….just…like it’s nothing… Just…like..” Kate stammered as she tried to find the right words.

“Don’t tell me business please, and don’t compress it to just friendship level” Dorah stubbornly told her.

Kate was hit hard, whatever was up with Ethan had no word to describe it but she was pretty sure it wasn’t love, nooo… Not love, at least not at that time! As usual, a little voice crouched up in her head.

“And what if its love?” The voice was low and soft, but it was bold and clear enough, strong that it made her heart pump a little faster.

“Nooo… Way…” She told herself, but she wasn’t sure whether it was the Dorah or a lie. Kampala has a tendency of intentionally being full of surprises, leaving home in a sexy-chicky outfit cause its Saturday and of course with a warm morning, only to surprise you with a heavy downpour thinking Noah’s floods are back, Kate hated it, she was on phone talking to her mother, promising her as she will graduate soon and make her the happiest mom alive. She missed her mum so badly, being the only child made her want to cry.

“I am always praying for you my dear, take care, I love you too” were her mum’s last words before the call ended. Kate looked outside and wondered why it had to rain. She got lost in a world of thoughts as she stared at the rain droplets run down the glass window, it was cold. Her mind wandered almost everywhere aimlessly, but only to settle at that moment when she first met Ethan, she sighed a little, it was like a movie scene that constantly replayed in her mind in a slow motion. She vividly remembered everything. She allowed her thoughts to take her wherever they wished. Just then her phone buzzed cutting off her fantasy.

It was Ethan. Yes….him…he had called in the perfect time.

“Saw this rain, and it reminded me of you. At work?” She heard him ask her.

“Yeah… “Yeah… It caught me leaving and now am stuck up here” she replied as she wiped the glass window dry.

“Let me come pick you before another careless driver gives you another muddy shower” Ethan sounded back sarcastically. Kate laughed back, he had never talked to him and failed to laugh or smile. It was one of the many reasons she enjoyed talking to him. She wanted to refuse but how? She hated flexing for taxi’s back to the hostel, secondly, she wanted to meet him, she couldn’t deny that.

“Okay, thanks” she finally agreed. She checked up herself, okay, she was in her favourite outfit, she trusted it, she looked amazing, it was a high waist black skirt and a white cropped top, she had a simple leather jacket on just to look official for work. She only combed her hair straight and added a little lipstick. There she stood, waiting for him. Whatever she felt, she didn’t know, but she loved it, it felt nice.

Birds of the same feather

Finally, he was there, still smart and charming as before, though he looked better this time around.

“Shall we?” He asked her as he opened for her the car door.

“Thanks…that was quick of you” Kate commented.

“Yeah, I was idle at the office” he replied as he started the car.

Kate zipped up her jacket as it was getting colder.

“You’re freezing….?” He inquired curiously.

“A little” she confessed.

“Problem solved” he replied as he drove off. He slowly dodged the traffic jam, he played soft music on capital FM. It was a divine moment. He parked in front of a café and invited her in for coffee.

“Oh my God! This guy is something else” Kate thought to herself. They sat, made an order and sipped slowly as it rained outside. They talked almost about everything, politics, celebrities, education and work, however, Kate went uncomfortable when the conversation went deeper to relationships.

“What? You’re so negative about relationships?” Ethan couldn’t help but ask.

“They are just hopeless” she replied as she took her coffee.

“Heartbroken?” He inquired

“Noo… My heart was broken and cut into tiny pieces” she admitted with a bitter remorseful face.

“Lucky you!” Ethan replied emotionlessly. Kate didn’t find this funny.

“I think mine was just put in a blender, she made bloody juice out of my heart,” he said with a fake smile. Kate said sorry but found herself rubbing his hand to cheer him up. It gave her a mini electric shock that she withdrew as fast as she could.

“Did he cheat on you?” Ethan asked to leave his story aside.

“Why do you think so?” Kate asked seeing how obvious he knew everything.

“I know, a woman can tolerate anything in a relationship, but cheating on them makes them go insane, by the way why are you so affected more than us men?” He poured his heart out.

“You know what, every woman feels like a queen in her imaginary kingdom, so if cheated on, she feels less of a woman, like she’s too…what can I say… Not enough to keep her man, it hurts badly” Kate said what exactly her heartfelt. She learned that Ethan’s ex got pregnant for someone else. He was hesitant to talk about it but opened up.

“She told me she was pregnant, I was extremely happy, I immediately proposed to make things official… But she said No… She walked away and disappeared for days…only to send me a big text telling me how the unborn baby wasn’t mine!”

Kate couldn’t imagine the pain he must have felt, she felt sorry for him but he looked stronger and moved on.

“That’s life, Kate!” He tried to cheer her up.

“I now want something real and serious, but it’s rare” he added on as he finished up his coffee. Kate’s little voice in her head screamed out silently.

“Me too… I want someone like you, hurt before and ready for something serious” but Kate tried hard to keep her mouth shut.

“And you? If Mr Right shows up, are you ready to love again?” Ethan asked her looking directly in her eyes. Kate’s little voice in her head heard him say.

“If I say, I love you, what would be your reply?” But Kate ignored it, her lips replied.

“How do I even tell whether he’s the one?” She honestly asked him. He kept silent for a while cleared his voice and replied.

“The right people always come after a heartbreak, your heart will automatically tell” he advised her. They looked at one another not knowing what exactly to do or say. A moment of silence cropped up.

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