Kate in police cells

Kate sobbed the whole day, at some point tears stopped and she felt her soul weep silently. She was talking to herself from time to time.

“Why didn’t I control my anger?”

“Why did I push him hard?”

“Why did he leave me?” She asked herself as she banged her head on the wall. Kate wanted to stop existing instantly, but how? The pain and guilt ate her up with each breath she took in.

“Young girl, talking to your self won’t save you,” an elderly lady in the prison told her. She was called head girl by everyone.

“Accept it, stop the regrets, that’s life” the other shouted back at her.

“I’m innocent!” Kate shouted back. The other prisoner warned her, as this wasn’t her house to shout at anybody.

“Talk to self and be hurting every day, or talk to God and he makes away,” the head girl told her as she told the other to leave Kate alone.

“Remember, you all came here weeping” she reminded them.

Kate did exactly what head girl said. She didn’t pray, no… She went in a conversation with God, it was as if HE was right there with her. As she spoke, she felt her inner voice change, her mind was talking back to her. It made her stronger.

On Monday, Kate had a visitor, who brought back all the pain that had vanished. Kate looked at the visitor and a tear formed in her eyes, it fell and other tears did the same as if in a competition. The visitor too was shading tears. The visitor opened her arms wide, Kate fell in them. This was the last person she wanted to see her in this position.

“My daughter, tell me they are lying, tell me your innocent.” The old lady wept.

“Mother, mother, mother!” Kate cried bitterly. They hugged and cried for as long as they could. Kate’s mum listened to the story and asked her why she overreacted, but it was all useless, she prayed for her and told her she’s willing to sell all their cattle just to bail her out.

“Nooo mother, cattle is all we have” Kate protested.

“You are my everything, without you, the rest are nothing,” Kate’s mum told her. They ate in silence as a few tears managed to escape their eyes.

Later that day, Richard and Dorah came, they were set for court.

“There chances Kate to let you out, I got the recording and it might help a lot, unfortunately, Kilian is still unconscious,” Richard said.

Kate just wept the more.

“If anything happens to Kilian, I want to remain in prison to punish myself” she lamented.

“He will be okay, trust God Kate” Dorah encouraged her with a hug.

“Yeah, the doctor said, they have removed all the toxins in his body, they are waiting for him to stabilize and see if it’s necessary to carry out an operation,” Richard told the two.

“I got the doctors’ report, he has just one wound on the head, this saves you, unlike Susan’s statement that you hit him several times intentionally, we will win this case, it needs logic, Susan will loose trust me” he added on.

“Do whatever it takes please, I hate this place so badly” Kate said. They went on planning on how to overcome the case. Luckily, Mr Keith, Kate’s boss, had also let their company lawyer work hand in hand with Richard, cause Kate was their good employee, yet Kilian was their esteemed client.

“Oooh… My good lord, thanks, but please be with me till the end” Kate cried to the Lord.

The court sat, Ella sat on Susan’s side, it hurt Kate deeply, but she swallowed hard. Susan did all the drama showing how desperately she needed justice. It was tough for Kate.

The prosecutor, made it sound like she intended.

However, Richard came in and defended her.

“I need tangible evidence, not words,” the judge said.

Susan came and repeated her fake story, however, Richard blew her silent as he brought the doctor’s reports, showing Kilian was hit once. The judge bought the idea. Suzan almost went mad when a phone recording was played in court, where she confessed that she was responsible for Kilian’s unconsciousness state. Kate gave her a sarcastic laugh, she tried to deny it but the doctor’s report betrayed her.

The judge asked Susan to deposit in court her National ID card and her passport, as she had a case to answer too. Kate was happy, God was working in her favour.

Richard asked to bail out Kate but the judge refused, claiming that according to Kilian’s state, it would be doing him an injustice. She gave them one month, if Kilian’s state hadn’t changed, then she was to give her final verdict.

Kate collapsed, her mum yelled in agony, Dorah screamed in disbelief but Susan gave a loud handclap, however, Ella noticed everything, she followed Kate.

“Officer please, I need to talk to her” Ella tried to push among the crowd at the door out.

“One minute!” The officer replied with anger.

“Kate, I noticed something, I’m going to spy on Susan till I get the truth, trust me,” she told Kate pacing around so that no one overhears her.

“You judged me already before you even found the truth, talk to my lawyers instead” Kate replied tearfully.

The officers took her away, as her mum clung on them to release her daughter. When was the one month ending? It puzzled Kate’s heart.

“Please Kilian get up!” She cried out, as the prisoner’s Black Maria swayed away.

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