Kate makes up with Kilian

“Aren’t you going after her?” Ella came out and asked him.

“I don’t know” Kilian replied vulnerably.

“Understand her, I now understand her, being cheated on can make a woman go crazy, I know it was a setup but you are overreacting” Ella pushed him to go after her.

“You’re right, no one is perfect, I need Kate” he made up his mind and ran after her. Kate ran and stopped, she was walking lazily and aimlessly. She realized that the amount of love you give someone is exactly the amount of pain they give you back. Kilian had given her all the happiness in the world, but he had hurt her the most. Kilian came and hugged her from behind, she stopped but didn’t react.

“I’m sorry, Kate, but I can’t live without you,” he said between sobs.

“Leave me alone” she commanded him. Kilian turned and faced her, he pulled her closer to kiss her, Kate put her face away and gave him a hot slap.

“What?!” Kilian couldn’t believe it, he still held his hand on the slapped cheek.

“I was in prison for a month and more, my mother almost went mad, she spent all the money she had on her, just for me to be out, I almost went mad, guilt was eating me up, I prayed like a mad person for your recovery, I was always chased at the hospital” she stopped and took a deep breath.

“And you are doing this, playing with my feelings, you break up with me and from nowhere you want me back, what’s that? Do you even care what I feel?” She asked him emotionally. Kilian was speechless, it was now that he understood what she felt.

“Kate, no matter what happens, I love you” he confessed.

“Until….? Till your dad chooses who you marry?” She questioned him.

“I will stand by you, I will defend you, I will never give up on you” he promised her. He risked again and brought his lips closer to hers, Kate didn’t move, the lips met, Kilian kissed her but she didn’t kiss him back.

“Kate please” he softly begged her. Kate closed her eyes and kissed him back. Besides jealous, her other weakness was Kilian. She couldn’t resist him. As they kissed, her inner voice asked her,

“You are risking your heart again?”

She felt her heart reply,

“Yes, in the name of love”.

It was Ella who made them break the kiss, besides they were ready to let their lips melt off.

“You two love birds are something else” she commented leaving the two by themselves.

Kate and Kilian went for dinner together, the magical spark and chemistry was back. They later spent a night in a hotel together. Early morning as they groaned and tickled each other in bed, Kilian noticed a twentieth missed call from his dad. He chose to go talk to him face to face.

“Are you sure about this?” Kate asked him.

“Yeah… I am” he said as he hit the shower.

“I’m coming with you,” Kate told him.

“To the shower?” Kilian asked with excitement.

“Yes, to the shower and your dad” she replied picking a towel.

Kilian didn’t know what else to expect, but he knew what exactly he wanted. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

“Come” he held his hand and they entered the shower room.

“So you are disobeying me, because of her? Mr Wanambisi thundered as soon as he noticed Kate hand in hand with Kilian.

“Dad, I’m just following my heart” Kilian replied squeezing Kate’s hand who was already shaking with fear.

“So, your heart chose a murderer?” He asked him but kept his eyes on Kate, who tearfully explained it was an accident that would never happen again.

“So, what if one day you two have a misunderstanding in the kitchen, with knives, fire, pans and forks? What should we expect? Kilian’s dad bent to reach Kate’s level who had knelt.

“I learnt my lesson already, sir, I… Can’t… Hurt him again” she replied but kept her face down. Mr Wanambisi was fuming with anger.

“I’m not convinced, I’m not risking my son’s life” he stood straight and asked Kilian to follow him into his room.

Kate was left in the vast sitting room speechless but tearful. As Kilian followed his dad, he turned and looked at Kate. He gave her a facial expression saying “relax, we are in this together”.

As she waited there, not knowing what to expect, Kilian’s mum came in. Kate didn’t know what she felt for her. She greeted her and went silent again.

“Do you love my son?” Kate heard the question pop her heart out.

“Yes, mum…I love him so much…more than anything else, I love Kilian with all my heart” she said hoping it was enough.

Kilian’s mum just asked her where Kilian was, she also joined the meeting in the master bedroom.

“Oh…God!” She cried.

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