The heart break

“My suspicions were right, he’s been cheating on me all along” she murmured between heavy sobs.

“Calm down, Kate, let’s go home” Dorah tried to sympathize with her.

“He’s a liar, a cheater and a useless moron” Kate cursed as Dorah gently led her out. The journey from the restaurant to Pwani hostels seemed the longest. Kate couldn’t wait to lay on her bed and cry it out. The pain was graduating from bad to worse to worst. The pain ate her deep and deeper.

“We are done!” Kate shouted on phone.

“It’s not what you think, come over, I will explain myself” Dan pleaded back on the phone. On hearing this, Kate let out a sarcastic laugh.

“Ok, Mr Cheater, so, I, the victim, should swing my legs, and come to be apologized to! You know what? You’re so shameless” Kate was fuming with anger.

“Ok! I’m sorry dear” that’s all Dan could say. Kate hung up immediately and tossed the phone on the bed. It rang again, and she completely switched it off.

“So, this is what I get for my birthday” she sadly told herself. A tear rolled down her cheeks, more tears followed, she tried to bit her lower lip, but the tears kept on gathering in her eyes. Dorah sat her on the bed, she put Kate’s head on her laps and begged her to stop crying.

“It hurts, feels like my heart is bleeding,” Kate said as she sobbed.

“Are you sure, you guys can’t fix this? Dorah inquired.

“No! We are done” Kate replied, she sat up to emphasize her point.

“I can’t give the same person, a chance, to keep on hurting me,” she said this bitterly.

“Goodbye Dan” she added on as she rubbed away her tears. She stood up and headed in for a shower.

“This new age of mine has the worst beginning” she cursed as she grabbed the towel. The rest of the days were dull, though Kate tried her best to hide her heartbreak. She did anything possible to avoid Dan and anything that could remind her of him. She put all her time in her books and course work.

She stayed indoors as she could hold sight of any loving couple.

Dorah was a lucky one, her five-year-old relationship with her boyfriend was just ok. She felt bad for her friend.

“Why do bad boys hurt the good girls, why don’t they go for the bad girls” she always wondered.

“Now, it’s me, I, and myself! I don’t need anyone’s love, I will love my self just enough” Kate promised herself.

As time passed, and so did Kate’s heart healed. She noticed she didn’t even love Dan that much, besides he hadn’t done much to win her heart back. In just a few months, Kate had changed a lot, she had topped up her class, and she had gained some weight making her curves thicker, she was happy at least.

“It’s true, time heals everything” she had to confess. “I learnt the harder way, that self-love is a priority,” she told Dorah who was fixing her manicure.

“You’re right, you can’t hurt yourself” Dorah replied.

“Yeah… It’s better this way than being hurt over and over again” Kate said with a smile full of total satisfaction.

“But, the right person will come” Dorah encouraged her.

“Right person, urgh!” Kate sighed.

“So you’re dying single?” Dorah inquired. Kate went silent, she knew of course not, but still, she wasn’t ready to love. Many males were after her, but she always pushed them away.

“I’m not like the other men” it was like an anthem they all crammed at birth. She hated it, she guarded her heart and swore never to be taken for granted again.

“I’m not in a rush, I’m still comfortable with the way I am” she assured her best friend. Just then her phone rang.

“It’s Mr Keith” Dorah informed her as she handed the phone to her. It was her boss, Kate’s good performance had brought her blessings. She was connected to a foreign fast-growing insurance company.

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“Global insurance company” it was owned by a Germany investor, though the manager was a British, Mr Keith.

“Hello…Mr. Keith”

“Yes, Good afternoon Catherine”

“I’m doing fine sir, any emergency at work?”

“No! Just telling you, there’s a client I want you to handle, do it just well as you have, to the previous Clients, convince him to insure his company with us.

“Tomorrow 9:30 am at Tk cafe” Mr Keith had such a strong a British accent that Kate always had to listen attentively.

“Ok sir, I will do my best” she replied humbly.

“I trust you on this, let me send you his company details on email.” “Woooow… Another deal to seal” Kate was excited. What she loved most about her job were the legit and classy people she met, the fancy hotels and international foods. It was like an adventure to her. Life was okay, a good intern job, good grades, a good best friend, and a good mother. She always thanked God.

“There are people who leave our lives, just for us to notice how blessed we are,” Kate told Dorah, making it clear that Dan was now history to her. Being a Sunday, Dorah pleaded with Kate to hang out with her, being Richard’s bill, she didn’t hesitate.

“Remember I have a client on Monday morning” she reminded her best friend as they prepared to go have fun.

“Good enough you don’t over booze, you will be sober by morning, anywhere, before midnight, we’ll be back, Richie isn’t a night person” Dorah assured her. She hated it, leaving her behind. “This is going to be fun,” Dorah noticed as soon as they entered the club. She held Richard’s hand just like a newly wedded couple, Kate felt completely lonely, she sat and moved her eyes through. It was lit, the coloured deemed lights made the atmosphere loveable. Though she felt a deep pinch in her heart every time she saw any couple romance or dab on the dance floor. She concentrated on her phone and sipped bottle by bottle. She could shake her head when a fine song rocked but didn’t bother to dance. She had sat far away from Dorah and Richard, just to be comfortable. As she sipped either her fourth or fifth bottle.

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