The price of anger

Kate counted second by second, minute by minute, hour to hour, but time was slow. Then will the full month end? It hurt her deeply. She prayed and even fasted for Kilian’s quick recovery. Dorah and Richard never stopped visiting her, they even postponed their introduction, as Richard was too busy working on Kate’s case. Ella too visited and told Kate she was on her side. It was all useless, all she wanted to hear was how Kilian was doing.

Ella did as her heart told her. She went to the police and got a letter, took it to MTN and asked to track Susan’s number, though the company was reluctant, she paid all it took and always heard her conversations. Suzan was a bitch, she had other several guys she flatted with, in Dubai and Nairobi. She was what one would call a slay queen, she was always out and had new catches.

“Hello, you girl you can’t believe it, the bitch is in prison” one day Susan had a call from Dubai, it was her partner in crime, Lisa, who survived on rich old men there.

“What? That wasn’t part of the plan, they just had to break up” Lisa replied in shock.

“Wow… I hit two birds with one stone!” Susan replied proudly.

“How?” Lisa wondered.

“See, my plan was for her to find us in bed, Kilian would be too weak to explain anything to her, but guess what, the girl beat me up, I went dizzy, Kilian crawled and locked me in the room” Susan explained as Ella listened on the other side carefully recording everything.

“I followed him, he had gone to apologize to that useless piece of trash,” Susan told Lisa with bitterness.

“Then?” Curious Lisa asked.

“I entered when she had hit him on the head,” Susan said.

“Are you serious? Did she want him dead?” Lisa was desperate for the truth.

“I don’t think so, maybe an accident, because she looked scared and innocent, but guess what, I called the office and made it appear like she tried to murder him” Susan was loud and clear.

“But cheese… This Mbololo girl has got energy, she hit me up, she has to pay for everything” Susan added on. Ella cried.

“So Kate is innocent, oh gosh” she couldn’t believe it.

“But how the hell, did you enter Kilian’s room, after what you did to him?” Lisa asked Susan.

“He fell for my plot, I went crying claiming, that I just found out that I had cancer” Susan was laughing.

“He’s so emotional, and you know me, I was weeping like a kid, she consoled me, in turn, to say thank you, I made him coffee, I put in sleeping pills, he innocently took” Susan was opening up to her friend not knowing walls have ears.

“Ella wanted to shout but she had lost her breath, Susan broke Kilian’s heart but she had gone far. The call she tapped ended and she immediately called Richard. She was panting like a dog.

The doctors were doing all they could to save Kilian’s life. His dad flew a specialist to attend to his only son.

“He’s out of danger, but it’s for him now to wake up, we can’t tamper with the brain, he’s in deep sleep. Let’s monitor him for a week, if it fails, then we’ll have to take him to India.” The doctor told Kilian’s dad who was fuming like fire.

“And none of those women will get married to my son,” he told his wife whose eyes were swollen due to over crying.

“Please, Kilian, listen to me, it’s me your mother, open your eyes, my love, we are dying seeing you like this, who will make those crazy jokes for me to laugh” mother cried her tears out.

“I’m taking him to India, can’t stand here watch him like this” Kilian’s dad made up his mind, he walked away to work on the travel documents.

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