The ruined birthday

It was a beautiful morning, the morning sun was first announcing its arrival with its long rays painting a beautiful orange-yellow reflection over the Ocean.

As Kate peeped towards the sea, the long rays gently kissed her body. She spread out her arms and gave in. She allowed the sun’s warmth to slowly enter her body. The wind gently rubbed her skin too deep that it tickled her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The feeling was fantastic and magical.

“What a beautiful morning for my birthday!” She shouted out to herself.

Her name was Catherine Mokoli but she preferred to be called Kate. She was a masterpiece of beauty, a true description of African beauty. At twenty-two, her womanly body had fully matured. Her chocolate soft and smooth skin could convince any man to walk through the gate of hell just to get her. Her tender breasts were still firm and strong. Her face was free from spots, her long sharp-pointed nose, small lips and eyes, too white for the Savannah, truly reflected her good heart, she loved God and tried to do what’s right. She was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in accounting, thanks to the support she received from her mum, she was her only child, and she couldn’t imagine life without her.

She did not have any concrete plans for her 22nd birthday.

“Let me call Dorah, perhaps we can come up with something.”

“Hello…” She said as soon as Dorah picked.

“Happy birthday to you…” Dorah welcomed her call with a song. Kate was overwhelmed, at least someone had her at heart.

“Bestie, I’m on my way, I got to spoil you this time around” Dorah sounded excited.

They were roommates, but Dorah had spent a night at her boyfriend’s place. After the call, Kate thought of calling Dan, her boyfriend, but she hesitated. She had asked him for space, as she suspected him of cheating.

“If he truly loves me, and wants me back, he will call and maybe surprise me” she consoled herself and chose to wait for Dorah.

“A loyal friend is far better than these useless men,” she told the big white teddy bear as she organized her bed. She put everything in order, not until she saw Dan’s watch. She looked at it for a while, the counting stick moved steadily.

“Is it like this, I just have to rotate aimlessly, is this relationship worth a Second Chance?” She thought out loud.

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Just then Dorah sprang the door open, she wore a bright smile that displayed her big deep dimples. She was Kate’s look-alike, though shorter and a little darker.

“Hey, birthday girl” she screamed as she struggled to enter the room. She carried a big gift bag.

“Oooooh. This is so sweet of you!” Kate exclaimed in shock, she quickly grabbed it from her and sat on the bed.

“Don’t open it yet!” Dorah commanded.

“But why?” Kate replied raising her eyebrows.

“First give me a huge hug and a peck here, don’t tell me you love the gift more than me?” Dorah sarcastically told her.

A wave of shame and embarrassment took over Kate’s face. She faked a smile and did what exactly Dorah wanted.

“Bestie… My love for you is immeasurable, I love you” she said as she quickly threw a peck on Dorah’s cheek. She went back to the box and started opening it.

“Better record you open, this will work for me on my WhatsApp status” Dorah announced and did the needful.

“Ooh… My ….God” Kate screamed.

She pulled out a Gucci cream and brown legit cross bag. Her mouth dropped open, she gave Dorah another big hug.

“Thank you, dear! I love it already” she told her and tried modelling around with her new gift. She kept on touching it in disbelief. The rest of the day was blissful, everything was on Dorah’s bill. Ice cream, chocolate cake, pizza and a heavy dinner meal at one of the high-end restaurants in town. Kate for some time forgot all about Dan, not until she saw a couple kiss. It hurt her badly.

She bit her lips and asked Dorah.

“Do you think Dan is still serious on me?”

Dorah was still chewing, she instantly stopped and swallowed.

“Why don’t you two talk?” She suggested.

Kate put down her fork and pulled out her phone.

“These boyfriends of reminding their responsibilities nag,” she said to herself.

Three missed calls, he wasn’t answering. Dorah looked at Kate with sympathy but chose not to say a word. Just then the phone buzzed.

“Oooooh….” Kate celebrated with a big smile.

“Dan, what’s up with us? You even forgot it’s my birthday, not even a call, don’t you miss me anymore?” Kate poured her heart out.

“Yes, he doesn’t miss you” a female voice replied, it sounded with a lot of pride and confidence. Kate’s lips moved but no word came out. She stood up and still couldn’t believe what her ears had just heard.

“Who’s this? I need to talk to Dan?” She shouted back.

“Relax, why are you acting desperate, he doesn’t need you, he’s in a shower now, we’ve been kinder of busy in bed” the woman on phone replied sarcastically, she seemed to mean everything she said. Kate’s heart froze completely. Her eyes began glistening with tears. Her body shook from head to toe, her heart ached badly. Before she could reply, she heard Dan on the phone talk to the woman.

“Why don’t you join in the shower?”

These words dug deep in her heart. It was like daggers were being pushed through her chest. Her eyes couldn’t hold the tears any longer, they steadily ran down her eyes.

“Noooo…” She cried out loud enough that people around starred at her in shock. Dorah quickly removed the phone from her, she tried to talk to Dan but the woman had hung up. She engulfed Kate in a hug and made her sit on the chair, she pulled her chair closer and rubbed her back. Kate buried her face on Dorah’s shoulder and wept.

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