When the devil came knocking

“Kilian!” Kate cried out loud. He lay in bed as if someone in a deep slumber. Kate quickly reached up to him but he wasn’t responding.

“Oh my God, Kilian what happened?” She asked him as she shook him to wake up. She paced around the room to find anything that could help but her eyes met an empty bottle of strong liquor and two glasses at the table. She held the glasses and wondered why he used two glasses or was he with someone else?

“Kilian, what’s the meaning of this?” She demanded to know but it seemed, Kilian was half-conscious. She checked his neck pulse and it was okay.

“What the hell? Why did you take a lot of alcohol?” She asked Kilian. She tried to uncover him to get fresh air. Her heart almost popped out as she noticed a black G-string and bra on the bed. She held them up to examine them clearly with her hands shaking severely. She dropped her eyes on Kilian who was silent and dumb.

“Nooo…” Kate talked to herself.

“I’m I dreaming or it’s a silly game!” She tried to convince her mind that was giving her the worst thoughts ever. She turned to Kilian, closed her eyes, prayed to God and hoped this bad dream ends instantly. Her wish wasn’t granted. Kate started doing all she could to at least get a word from this drunkard that uselessly lay in bed.

“I..said…i..do..no..t…love…you…leave..me..a..lone…” Were the words Kate could figure out from Kilian’s unclear words, his tongue was too heavy and his voice too deep.

Kate’s brains started boiling up, like a pot of fire, this was way too much to handle. She stood up, got her phone to call Ella. Worst news ever.

“You’re account balance is too low to complete this call…” She cursed as she tossed it way. She looked for his phone but all in vain.

“Are you looking for this?” A voice ran through her ears. It was unfamiliar, her eardrums had never detected that voice. To make matters worse it was of a female. The voice was clear and loud, confident and bold. The voice owner modelled towards her with Kilian’s phone. Kate was lost in confusion. She wore only his vest. So it came clear to Kate that the G-string and bra belonged to her. Each time Kate took in a breath, her heart ached badly. She just looked on at the female that moved closer to her.

“What? Aren’t you surprised? Aren’t going to say anything?” The female teased Kate with mockery and sarcasm. She raised her right arm to Kate’s face showing her a ring on her finger.

“It’s me that he wants, not you, he proposed and we had to celebrate,” she told Kate as she bent down to give Kilian a peck.

“He’s soo drunk and extremely tired” she added on. Kate stood nonchalantly, the only thing she was doing was to feel her tears roll down her cheeks. The female saw the tears and put on an evil fake smile which later was accompanied by a burst of evil laughter.

“Ouch! Does it hurt?” The female asked Kate. Kilian was trying to get up but it was a struggle.

In life, there’s a moment when God puts one on a test, Kate felt her inner soul escape from her body, it passed through the chest, she felt a sharp constant pain as if someone had placed a lump of blazing hot coal on her heart. She just chose to leave. She opened the bedroom door and made a few steps.

The female pulled her back by her ponytail hair.

“You stupid bitch, come back here” she cursed as she stressed Kate’s hair. The pain Kate felt wasn’t only physical, but emotional too.

She turned fuming like an injured lion. Her eyes widened as her heartbeat pumped so hard. She had decided to just walk away, but this female had awakened up the anger and bitterness in her. She slapped her so hard, she staggered and knocked on the wall. Kate pulled her hair madly as she screamed on.

By then Kilian had managed to stand after like a thousand falls. He held his head so tight as if it hurt internally. He struggled to get closer.

“And you drunkard, foolish, stupid liar, don’t dare ever show your face to me, ever again!”

Kate ran out, she ran as fast as her legs could carry her, she was running away from herself too, but it was hard. It was already dark outside, dogs barked as cars swayed on the road. Kate went out of breath and stopped at some junction, tears were still flowing from her eyes, her hair and the big kitenge dress were all dirty and torn, she was close to madness.

“I hate you…” She shouted at herself. Kilian hadn’t just broken her heart, nor blended it, no, he had given her, her first death, he had scooped out her heart and burnt it into ashes. How she hated him, such a liar she cursed. She checked herself for her phone only to remember, she had left it in Kilian’s room. She jeered hard and got a Boda to her room. All the cold breeze rocked Kate’s heart like the winter chill that went straight to her heart and bones.

Kate couldn’t remember how even she was in her room, what broke her heart most was that Dorah wasn’t in. She almost collapsed, how was she even supposed to handle all this. She got busy destroying all the gifts Kilian had given her, she pinched and punched the innocent cute teddy bear into uncollected pieces, she broke the photo frame and the watch, she tore the jumper and the jacket, but to her surprise, everything around her hard a connection to Kilian, she threw down the perfume glass and roared.

“Why me oh… God? Why me?” She asked the air around her. Just then Kilian pushed the door open, he came with it because his legs were just shaking and staggering, he wore the shirt inside out and was still in a boxer. His face was pale and exhausted. His eyes were red and swollen. He knelt holding Kate by her waist and asked to listen.

Just a touch, Kate felt like he had thrown her in a sea full of snakes, crocodiles, sharks and lions. It was like Kilian had asked her to feel what hell was.

“Leave me alone you bastard” she cursed him as she threw several blows on his head and back. If only Kilian was sober enough to tell her anything, he struggled to let a word out but it was hard, all he could say was.

“I love you Kate, she…” He stammered hard to explain himself.

Kate shouted back at him to stop, she pushed him sooooo hard that he hit his head on the cupboard, Kate too was overtaken, that was hard, as Kilian turned, twisting his body in pain, the cupboard, too still in shock of a hard knock shook, a flower vessel up lost its balance and made its way down, Kate saw it and tried to catch it before it landed but it was late, the vessel broke into pieces on Kilian’s head.

“Noooo… Kate cried out loud. But it was futile, blood oozed out of his head. Things had gone worse now. Kate rushed to him and tried to stop the blood but it was too much.

” ooooh God!” She called upon her creator. Just then the devil walked in. She

“What?!” She was taken by surprise. She had followed Kilian.

“You killed him, you bitch!” She accused her. She was terrified and shocked, she started moving backwards in fear.

“Call the ambulance now” Kate commanded her as she held Kilian’s oozing wound tight, her hands were now soaked in blood.

The female put the phone on her ear as he moved around aimlessly waiting for the call to be picked.

“I thought I was a bitch but you are worse, I only made him sleepy and less conscious, but you, you just went too far,” she told Kate as tears ran down her face. Before Kate could respond, she talked back to the person on phone.

“Afande, someone murdered my fiancée,” she said panting like a hungry dog.

“What?!” Kate couldn’t believe her ears,

“Instead of calling the hospital, you called the police, are you stupid?” She angrily asked her.

“And wait… What did you say? That you made him what?” She asked her as she moved closer to her.

“I said nothing” the female replied in shock and fear.

“Give me the phone to call the ambulance now?” Kate was fuming with rage. The female cowardly tried to hide it but Kate went for her, the two went in another aggressive fight.

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